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SONS OF ANARCHY (FX) - "I still love her, she's my mom.."

gemma teller morrow

Season 7 Episode 11

"Suits of Woe"

The SOA organization bears down on SAMCRO and Jax comes face to face with an ugly truth...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Abel sleeps. Jax sits nearby looking understandably stressed after his son’s question. Gemma smokes and talks to dead Tara and tells her she’s never laid a hand on Abel and loves him more than anything. She tells Tara she’s so sorry this happened. Juice tells himself he just has to do this thing and then it will all be good. Chibs dresses to creep out of Althea’s place but then stops and touches her hair. He starts to give her a kiss but then stops himself and goes. She opens her eyes. Wendy sits staring at nothing.

Jax finally gets up and looks at Abel. He leaves the room. He sees Wendy at the table and she asks where he slept. He says he stayed with Abel after he put him to bed. She asks if he wants coffee and he says yes and changes his shirt then sits. She makes him a cup and he thanks her. She says after him telling Abel the truth, she can’t have any secrets. She says she checked out of rehab to help and found Juice at her apartment.

He asks why he was there and she says Juice told her he was hiding there and Jax asks if Gemma hid him there. He asks why his mom would help Juice. She says Gemma told her she didn’t want anyone else getting hurt. He asks if anyone else knew and she says Unser found out by accident. She tells Jax she’s sorry and says she didn’t know what to do and then everything went crazy with Diosa, then Bobby and then Abel started acting out so Juice didn’t seem that important.

She asks if they’re okay and Jax says she didn’t make the choice to help Juice and got pulled into all this. He says to keep this between us for now and not to tell anyone else. She agrees and asks what he’s going to do. He says he’s going to get some answers. He tells her to take care of their boys and touches her on the arm reassuringly, then goes. Jax goes and pounds on Unser’s door and tells him to put some pants on so they can talk.

Unser comes out and Jax says he knows he and Gemma were helping Juice and wants to know why. He asks who told him that and he asks why Juice went to his mom in the first place. He says he doesn’t know how they crossed paths. He asks what went on the night Tara was murdered. He says Gemma was upset and knew he was going to get picked up by the sheriff. He says she didn’t tell him about what she saw that night. Jax says he has to talk to Juice face to face and asks him to call Althea.

Unser says he knows they are using Juice to get close to Lin. Jax says this isn’t about Lin but Tara. Unser says they have done nothing but lie to him. He says the guy Gemma ID’d wasn’t even in California. He says Althea found out Chris Dun was in a Vegas drunk tank the night Tara was murdered. Jax asks him to get him in a room with Juice and says it will get the DA the intel they need on Tara’s murder and says they can watch on video. He asks Unser if he wants the truth.

Unser agrees to call Althea but says if he burns him on this, there’s no more loyalty. Jax says he understands. At the jail, the guard comes for Juice. He tells Juice the thing Tully’s helping him with goes down after breakfast. Juice pulls the shiv out from its hiding spot and says – this gets done. Jax works on his bike with Chuck and he says his dad would be proud of how good his bike looks in club colors.

Jax asks when his mom will get in and Chuck says about lunchtime. Tig and Chibs show up and he says they need to get Tully to have the cameras turned off in the room when he goes to talk to Juice and says he’ll fill them in when he knows more. They wonder what’s going on but have no clue. Abel asks Wendy where daddy is and if he’s okay. She says he’s working and is okay. She asks if he’s okay with what he found out last night. Abel hugs her and she holds him.

Juice is cuffed and escorted out of his cell. He’s escorted through some doors and down a hall then through another door then another. Then down some stairs – wow – it’s like a tour of the jail. The guard unlocks his restraints and then opens the last door. He tells him there’s a change of clothes in case it gets messy. Lin is handcuffed there and says he guesses Jax sent him to do his dirty work.

Juice says he just needs answers and it doesn’t have to get dirty. Lin says that’s why he’s chained up. Juice asks who sold out SAMCRO on the guns. He asks again and Lin says the guns were theirs. He asks if it was Jury White. Juice says they just want to know who the traitor is and nothing will happen to Lin as long as he tells the truth and doesn’t give up the MC to make a deal.

Lin sighs and says it was Barosky and he charged them a shit load of cash for the information. He tells Juice that cops are the biggest criminals of all. Juice stabs him in the throat. Lin calls him a lying piece of shit and Juice says he’s a rat, why wouldn’t he know he was a liar too. He watches as Lin bleeds out then unbuttons his shirt to change clothes.

Gemma shows up to the shop and Unser watches her come in. Chuck tells her Jax was there looking for her but didn’t say what he wanted. Unser comes in and tells her that Wendy told Jax they were helping Juice. She asks why Wendy would do that and he says he doesn’t know. He says Jax wasn’t mad, just troubled. He says he got some information about Tara’s murder.

Unser tells her that Dun was in a Vegas jail the night Tara was murdered. Gemma says it was dark and the guy was Asian and if it wasn’t him, it was another of Lin’s guys. Unser says Jax is using Juice to get to Lin. He asks her if Juice was with her that night and she says no. He asks when Juice came to her for help. She says she’s not sure, she thinks he called her after Tara died.

She gets snippy and says to talk to Juice about it. He says Jax is doing that. She asks what he means and he says Althea got him a sit down with Juice and Jax is on the way to Stockton now. He says Jax is determined to get to the truth. Gemma looks sick and Unser asks if she’s okay. She grabs her purse and says she left something at the house. She takes off. Unser and Chuck watch.

Chuck asks if everything is okay and Unser says he doesn’t know and tells Chuck to follow her home and keep an eye on her. Chuck asks then what and Unser says he wishes he knew. He hop son his scooter and follows her. Tig tells the guys they got Jax a sit down with Juice and they wonder if he got the confession so they can prove that Jury sold them out.

Montez says Indian Hills doesn’t see Jax killing Jury as self defense and they’re worried he’ll be subject to a mayhem vote. Jax waits as Tully is buzzed in to talk to him. Tully says him coming up was the only way to secure the room and says Juice is on the way. He says he talked to Otis too and that it all went well. Tully says Juice put down Lin and got the confession.

Jax is surprised to hear Lin is dead but Tully asks wasn’t that what he wanted. Tully asks if this pays off Juice’s sins and Jax says he’s not sure yet. Juice is buzzed in and Tully tells Jax to let him know. Jax thanks him and Tully tells Juice he’ll see him later and calls him baby. Juice sits down after they leave. He tells Jax that Lin is dead and says it wasn’t Jury – it was Barosky and was about money.

Jax nods and asks if he believes him. He says Lin has no reason to protect Jury. He tells Jax he did everything he asked. He tells him he knows Gemma was helping him hide and tells him about the Chinese guy not being in town when Gemma was murdered. He asks why he went to Gemma to hide from the MC. He asks if Gemma owed him a favor.

Juice says they kind of found each other. Jax tells him that Abel cut his own arm with deep scratches and told his teacher that Gemma did it. He says they spent the day with child services and then last night he told him that Wendy was his first mom. He says he was trying to comfort Abel. Then he says Abel asked him if Gemma killed Tara to make room for Wendy.

He says Abel heard Gemma telling Thomas she was sorry she killed his mommy. Jax tells him nothing makes sense. He asks if Abel is delusional, cutting himself and making up stories or is he tormented trying to wrap his mind around something horrible. He says every scenario seems insane to him. He says his son is twisted up and just lost his mom.

Jax says before he sends Abel to a team of shrinks to twist him up more, he needs to know the truth. Juice looks away. Jax says he knows he’s the one who can give him the truth. Juice says he’s sorry about Abel. Jax asks if it’s true. Juice says he went to his house that night looking for Gemma like Jax asked him to. He says he was still thinking about what he had said to him about betraying him.

Juice says he met Eli out front and he was waiting on Tara. He says they heard a crash and Eli ran in the house and he followed. Juice says Tara was dead and the place was trashed. He says she must have gotten into a brawl with Gemma. Jax is breaking down. He says Gemma was on the floor freaked out, covered in blood. Jax is full crying now.

He says Eli was going to call it in so Juice killed him. Jax sighs. He says Gemma needed him as much as he needed her. He asks about the Chinese and Juice says she had to put the kill on someone. He says the way she killed Tara was so brutal. He says it felt gangland and he didn’t want it come down on brown and Nero so he told Gemma to use the Chinese and they came up with the story.

Jax cries as he listens then tells Juice that Bobby is dead from August retaliating against them going after Lin. He says they cut out his eye, cut off his fingers then shot him right in front of Jax. Juice starts to say he’s sorry but Jax tells him to shut it. He thanks Juice for telling him the truth and says he’ll make sure it’s quick. Juice nods in acceptance. Jax leaves as Juice starts crying.

Gemma sits at her house and looks at a photo of the boys. Her cell phone rings and she fishes it out and answers. It’s Juice. He tells her he told Jax what happened and says he’s sorry but he had to. He says all the shit that happened because of that lie was a mistake. She hangs up on him. Chibs and Tig are looking at the paperwork and wonder how Bobby handled all this. Tig says they need to patch in another Jew.

Jax comes in and he tells them Juice took care of Lin. He says it wasn’t Jury, but Barosky. Chibs says this is going to complicate things with Indian Hills and Jax says he knows. Jax tells Chibs to call Alvarez and tell him about Barosky. He says he has to handle a family problem, then they’ll take care of Barosky. Chibs asks what’s going on and he says he needs to talk to Gemma.

He tells the club to split up and find her – he says to check her house and Diosa. Gemma is packing a bag at her house. She opens her jewelry box and then Wendy is at the door. She tells her to hang on then hides her bag before going to the door. She asks where the baby is and she says Chuckie is in the kitchen with Thomas. She asks if she talked to Jax and Gemma says no, Unser talked to Jax.

Wendy tells her she’s sorry but she had to come clean. She says Jax told Abel about her being his mommy to help him deal with Tara and not think she was trying to replace her. Wendy says she can’t keep secrets. Gemma asks if telling Abel helped and Wendy says he seems better and less anxious today. Gemma says she’s glad he knows Wendy is is his mom because it’s the right thing.

Wendy says that means a lot. Chuck comes in with Thomas who needs a change but Gemma says she’ll do it. She says she’ll bring him out in a minute. She talks to Thomas and tells him she loves him. She kisses him and then plays with him and holds him. Nero and Alvarez sign the papers for the sale of Nero’s share of Diosa. Alvarez makes Lyla a job offer to run Diosa but she says she prefers porn. She says she’d rather shoot pussy than have her pussy shot.

She says she’ll notarize them and send then each a copy after she files them downtown. Alvarez hands over a stack of cash and Nero says he’s glad they could work it all out. Montez comes in asking for Gemma. Chuck is doing dishes when Gemma wheels out her suitcase. She says she has to clean up some family things. She hears a motorcycle and says she can’t let the club find her.

He tells her to hit him and take his keys. She does and he tells her to go. She hides and he goes to answer the pounding at the door. Happy and Rat are there and he says Gemma asked for his keys then punched him in the face and took the car. He asks why she’s running but they don’t tell him. They leave and she comes out of hiding. He tells her that she’s his best friend. She gives him a kiss and goes.

Althea shows up at the shop and Unser steps out and tells her he tried to call her but they left him on hold. She says Lin was killed this morning and there are no witnesses. He asks if she watched Jax and Juice but she says the tape was blank and someone bought the room. He says they need to talk to Juice and says he’ll talk to Jax alone.

Jax asks Chibs where things are with Althea and he says the same, no deeper. Unser comes over and Jax asks why she’s there. He says she came to tell him that Lin died. Jax said that happened before he got there and that’s not why he went to see Juice. Tig comes in and tells him that Gemma slugged Chuckie and took off in the blue Ford. Jax asks Unser to call Gemma and ask her to meet him there to talk.

Unser says he’s done helping him and the club. Jax says this is about Tara. Unser says if he cared about Tara, he’d spend less time being a thug and more time being a dad. Jax shoves him and Unser asks if he’s going to kill him and add to his body count. He says maybe he should go wait in his kitchen for someone to come along and stick a fork in his head. Jax slugs him and Althea runs over.

Tig walks Jax away. Althea asks if he’s okay and Unser says he’s fine. He says he doesn’t know what it’s about and says she needs to pull Jax off the streets until they found out what’s going on. He asks her to put out an APB on Jax for assault and she goes to do it. Gemma hides out near a church and calls Nero. He asks where she is and she says it was a crazy morning. He tells her Montez was looking for her.

He asks what’s up and she says something is going down with the MC. She says she needs to talk to him and asks him to meet her. She says it’s important and he agrees. Juice is brought to Unser and Althea and he says he’s a popular guy today. Althea says she heard he was getting cozy with the AB and he smirks and says that’s one way to describe it.

Althea says she wants to know what he and Jax talked about. He says to watch the tape and she tells him not to be an asshole. He says that’s all he is in there – someone’s asshole. He says he told Jax the truth and that Gemma knows the truth. He says Gemma knows every truth behind every lie and that she’s the gate keeper. Unser says to tell them about Tara and says he has a chance.

Juice says he has no chance and neither does Unser. He says they can’t see what’s right in front of them because their heads are up their asses. He tells Althea it doesn’t matter because it’s all done and too late for all of them. Jax rolls into Barosky’s place and the clerk says he’s not there. She says he’s at the port but should be back soon. He tells Chibs to call Happy and Rat for word on Gemma.

They sit. Chibs tells him he has to tell them what the hell is going on. He says he will after he talks to his mom and confirms a few things and tells him not to ask him again. Gemma waits when Nero shows up. He asks why she’s there and she says she was born in that house and points across the street. She says her mom used a witch wife because she didn’t believe in hospitals. She says the church was her dad’s parish.

He asks what’s going on and she says her dad wanted a big family but Rose didn’t want kids and after her baby brother died, she just checked out. Gemma says she couldn’t wait to be a mom and wanted a dozen sons. She says that didn’t happen and after Thomas and her heart thing, John didn’t want to take the risk, but she never quit on Jax, not for a minute.

She sighs and says everything in her life is torched. She says she hated school, was a bad wife but says she was a good mother and did everything she was supposed to. He says he knows and she says she loves him and he’s made her happy. He asks why she sounds like she’s saying goodbye and asks what’s going on. She says she has to handle some family things and he asks where she’s going.

His phone rings and she asks if it’s Jax. She asks him not to answer it. She says to wait til she’s gone. He asks if she’s going to tell him what happened. The phone rings again and he answers it. Jax tells him he needs to talk to Gemma. He says no but some guys came by looking for her. He asks what’s going on and Jax says he just needs to know where she went.

Nero says if he finds out, he won’t tell Jax until he knows why. Jax says he went to see Juice this morning. Nero listens. Mid-conversation, he looks at Gemma oddly then tells Jax he’s sorry and he understands. He tells him he doesn’t know. Nero is crying at this point and says he’ll let him know if he sees her. He says twice that he will then they end the call.

Nero asks if it’s true. Gemma says it’s complicated. Nero asks again. She says yes. He struggles for words and takes a step back. He tells her she should go. She gets in the loaner car and drives away. He watches her leave then sits down on the curb and sighs. He rubs his face and rocks himself and starts sobbing. He scratches at his arms and shakes his head.

Chibs calls for Jax and says Althea is outside running his plates. The cops chase Jax out the back a- Chibs tries to stop them. Jax runs in front of a car that almost hits him and then he jacks the car and takes off. The cops are hot on his trail, sirens blaring. He veers around traffic and one cop car is lost another is in hot pursuit. It’s very 1970s cop show, music and all.

The cop pulls up beside him but then Jax runs up beside another car and the cop car crashes and he’s away. Abel sits on a swing at school when Gemma shows up to the playground. He sees her and she calls him over. He goes over to the fence. She says she wanted to give him something. He says okay. Harrison sees her. She hands him a ring and says it was his Grandpa John’s.

She says it’s for him when he joins the club. She tells him she loves him and so do his mom and dad. Harrison walks over. She tells Abel he did nothing wrong. Harrison tells her she’s not allowed to be there and sends Abel back to class. She tells Gemma she’s going to report it and Gemma says she knows and thanks her for watching out for Abel. She tells her to take care of him and goes. Abel looks back as Gemma walks away and says – goodbye Grandma.

Jax meets with Alvarez and gives him the car he stole. He says he appreciates the sanctuary and tells Alvarez he doesn’t want anyone to know about Barosky until he takes care of it. Alvarez is amenable because that means he won’t have to pay the dirt cop off any more. Jax says he heard he and Nero signed papers today and says they need to meet Connor and talk guns.

Alvarez says August will make bail and Jax says by the time August gets a new crew, black, white and brown will be united and yellow will be gone. Alvarez says he’s going to head to Stockton and let Oso know what’s going on. He heads out. Chibs shows up with Tig and asks if he’s all right. He says to let him know when everyone is at the table.

The guard comes for Juice. He says they want him in the infirmary. He says he needs medical assistance and they beat him in the face until he really does. At the table at the Mayan’s place, Jax sits and apologizes for not communicating today. He says he got some info last night from Abel that he overheard Gemma say and Juice confirmed it today.

He says he didn’t want to believe it but now that his mom took off he has to. He says Gemma killed Tara not the Chinese. He says he thinks it was a fit of rage and says Juice killed Eli to help her cover then they made up the lie. He says Dun, the guy he tortured and killed, wasn’t even in the state that night. The guys are floored.

Jax says Tara’s murder was so brutal he thought it had to be a gang retaliation, a message, but he was wrong. He says that mistake is his and his alone. He says everything that came from that mistake, every body that dropped, West, Jury, Bobby and all that jeopardized the club was his fault. He tells Chibs he’s going to sit down with the other Presidents and come clean about Jury.

He says he can’t change what happened but is going to do everything he can to make it right. He says he needs time to think and can’t talk about it right now. He asks them to meet back there tomorrow. He says he’s sorry the family he was given has caused so much chaos for the family he has chosen. He tells the guys he loves them very much and hopes they know that. He walks out.

Unser comes in and asks Chuck if he’s heard from Gemma but he says no. Unser sits and asks if he knows where she went. Chuck says no. He asks Unser if she’s coming back and Unser just stares. Wendy rocks Thomas to sleep when Abel comes to tell her goodnight. She tells him she’ll come tuck him in a minute.

Chibs hugs Jax and tells him he loves him. He and Tig hug and swap love as well. Nero shows up then and Jax nods to Chibs that it’s okay and the guys roll out. Nero sits by Jax and asks if the crew knows. He says yeah. Jax asks where she went and Nero says he doesn’t know. He says he couldn’t talk to her once he found out. Jax asks how he comes back from this damage to the club, his family and his son.

Nero says maybe he should honor Tara’s wish. Nero asks about Gemma and Jax says nothing. Nero tells him he understands the pain he’s in and the damage Gemma has caused is unbelievable, but says a son shouldn’t kill his mother. He says that’s a wound too deep to heal that would destroy Jax. Jax says he knows and that’s what hurts the worst about all this.

He says after all the lies and the wreckage she caused, he still loves her. He says – she’s my mom. He cries and asks how could she do this to Tara. He asks again and Nero takes him in his arms and holds him while he cries. Gemma drives listening to a gospel station and smoking. She sings along with the hymn.

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