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August Marks Bobby Munson Jax teller sons of anarchy season 7 episode 9 bobby elvis

SONS OF ANARCHY (FX) - Bobby Elvis has left the building :(


Season 7 Episode 9

"What a Piece of Work Is Man"

The club deals with heartache internally and conflict with the organization at large...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Jax lies in bed with Abel, watching Thomas in his crib at the foot of his bed. Jax didn't sleep much.

Gemma smokes furiously in her bedroom as Nero wakes up. He offers to take her now-empty bird cage out of her room, but she declines. "It's where it belongs."

Juice is transported from county.

Bobby bleeds in captivity, now missing an eye and four fingers.

At breakfast, Abel is surly and won't eat. Jax suggests Wendy bring the boys up to the cabin. She's worried about Abel falling more behind in school, but Jax wants his sons close. They all make plans to rendezvous at the cabin.

When Wendy tells Abel later that they're going to the cabin, Abel asks if someone else died. Abel runs away from Gemma. Wendy struggles with doing what Jax wants for Abel.

Up at the cabin, Jax tries to explain to the preacher's stepson Grant why he now needs the phone with the sex video on it. Grant is wary and Jax is forced to tell him August grabbed one of his guys. Jax calls it a "setback," but tells Grant for the hundredth time to trust him. Grant notes that every time Jax says that, something else bad happens.

When Grant steps out, Tyler and a couple of his guys come by. Jax explains his plan to give August the pastor's body and leverage that proves that the pastor's wife and son can't hurt August -- the cell phone video.

Montez stumbles in, Grant hit him on the head with a tire iron and took off. The Sons hop on their bikes and chase after him. When Jax tries to tell him to pull over, Grant runs Jax off the road. Back on his bike, Jax gets in front of the truck and Grant tries to ram him. Finally, Tig fires through the window and Grant stops.

Grant says he was planning to give himself up to August and Jax points out that's a terrible idea. Jax tries to explain in his yelling voice that Grant doing anything will only end up with everyone getting killed. Happy punches Grant in the face to make his point. They recover the phone from Grant's car.

As Gemma is leaving her house with Rat, Thomas and Brooke, Unser stops by for a private chat. He tells her that Juice gave up the name of one Chinese man, Chris Dunn, who he says was responsible for Tara's death. Unser explains Jax is calling all the shots to get Juice next to Henry Lin. He warns her that Jarry will ask her to ID him, even after she says she doesn't recognize anyone.

Rat eavesdrops and after Unser leaves, he tells Gemma that Jax is going to need her to ID Dunn, the Chinese guy from the party. When Brooke comes out, Rat snaps at her and sends her away. Gemma tells him not to buy into the myth that "to wear the patch you gotta treat women like s---. When it comes to finding a good old lady, you don't get what you want, Rat. You get what you are. Don't be a dick," Gemma says.

In Stockton during his strip search in intake, a guard gives Juice a cigar tube with a weapon in it for dealing with Henry Lin. Then he suggests naked Juice better hide it before his partner gets back, noting he doesn't have any pockets.

At the sheriff's station, Gemma IDs Chris Dunn, the Chinese man from the party she marked for death. When Jarry wants some sort of explanation about why Juice has so much information about the murders, Gemma plays dumb and rude. Then she brings up the fact that Jarry is on the club's dime, and sleeping with Chibs. Jarry smacks her, so Gemma hauls off and shoves Jarry over a chair and she slams into the ground, hard. Deputies immediately rush in and grab Gemma. Jarry pulls herself together and sends her deputies away.

"Let me make something clear, Mrs. Teller. I am not on your son's team. I am playing by the corrupt rules of his dysfunctional little town," Jarry says.

She warns Gemma that if she shoves her again, she'll put her "white trash a--" in jail.

"Well I guess you'll have to, because if you ever slap me again, I'll shoot you in the throat," Gemma says.

After Gemma walks out, Jarry angrily shoves her desk's contents onto the ground.

"I'm glad that went well," Nero says sarcastically. "Yea, I'm a helper," Gemma says.

August Marks and Moses and two cars of guys pull up to meet with the Sons. August says he's disappointed and Jax explains that he couldn't go through August to go after Lin, because he would have made him wait.

When August asks if the Sons killed the pastor, Jax says they only found his body, all cut up in the projects. Moses interrupts to suggest they moves things along and Jax tries to control his rage.

Jax shows August the video clip of the pastor with an underaged boy. August still wants Loutreesha and Grant, but Jax argues he doesn't need them. August insists they bring Grant when they deliver the pastor's body. August says he won't kill him, but he wants to make sure Grant understands the importance of silence.

Back at mass gang banger gravesite, Tig and Happy team up to cut up a body, like Jax referenced. Jax, Tig and Quinn go to the pastor's current grave on Pope's construction site and get to work cutting up his body. "I call heads," Jax jokes.

Back at Red Woody, Tig and Happy sew the pieces of the banger onto the head of the pastor. They're interrupted when Indian Hills stop by.

Chibs and Jax sit down with Gaines and his VP and explain why they know Jury was a rat, that he had a son who was killed by the Chinese. Jax says Jury confessed while they were talking, which is why Jury went for his gun. Gaines remembers seeing Jax punch Jury, Jury draw and Jax then shoot him in the face (which is what happened).

Gaines wants to hold a forum on the issue with other charters, to have an impartial hearing. "We'll let you know what comes out of the meeting, what has to be done," Gaines says.

When Indian Hills leaves, Chibs suggests they need to prove Jury talked to Lin. They decide to have Tully smuggle a phone to Juice and record him.

They have the preacher's stitched together body ready along with the cell phone, with incriminating parts with the preacher cleaned off. Grant is ready to go.

Moses goes to get Bobby from his cell. Bobby is sanguine, confident that whatever happens next is only going to lead back to a Son slitting Moses' throat. Moses gives Bobby his cut back. Then Moses orders his guy to break Bobby's jaw. When the first punch doesn't do it, Bobby dares Moses to do it himself.

"I like you Bobby. You're a good soldier, you stay hard. Loyal to the very end. That's a very rare quality," Moses says. Then he breaks Bobby's jaw.

Nero brings Gemma back to TM. He's going to see his lawyer to sell his piece of Diosa. He leaves as Jarry is pulling up to see Unser.

In his trailer, Jarry tells Unser that Deputy Eglee gave her statement about getting shot. She said she saw five or six white guys, maybe with Aryan ink. She and Cain pulled up on a routine check and they opened fire. Unser reminds Jarry that Eglee has been through a lot and she shouldn't press her.

Then Jarry tells him about her talk with Gemma. She found a booking for Dunn for drunk and disorderly in Vegas the night Tara was killed. He couldn't be the killer. Unser has no idea what's going on but suggests Jarry get the DA to pull Juice's deal and get him out of the unit with Lin and not to let on to anyone that they know about the club's lies about Dunn.

The Sons ride up to meet August, Moses and all their guys. Jax suggests to August that they talk alone without weapons. August agrees, with just the things they're trading. Chibs doesn't like it, but Jax only wants to make sure August isn't packing.

They bring out battered Bobby.

Chibs searches August and Moses searches Jax. Everyone leaves except August with Bobby and Jax with Grant.

Jax shows August the pastor's body and gives him the cell phone. August checks the pastor's arm and agrees. He hauls Bobby to his feet and gives him to Jax. Through his gag and broken jaw, Bobby tries to warn Jax, but it's too late. August pulls his gun from the back of Bobby's pants.

August looks at Grant and warns him that if he or his mother ever talk, "this is what happens."

Then August turns his gun from Grant and shoots Bobby through the head, telling Jax this is what he gets for betraying him. Jax crumples over Bobby.

Later, the Sons load Bobby's body into their van. Jax tells Chibs to deliver Loutreesha's statement anonymously to the DA. Through tears, Chibs suggests they give this one to Jarry, "give her win, keep her close."

"Not too close, brother," Jax says.

Up at the cabin, Wendy laces a joint with heroin for Loutreesha. She contemplates licking her fingers when Abel interrupts for help with the TV.

Rat goes to talk to Brooke. She reminds him she's bipolar and can't be with someone who's different every time she's with him. He tells her he's trying to figure out how to be in SAMCRO and in love with someone at the same time.

In lock-up, Juice gets a delivery of a powder from Tully. He takes out the cigar tube shank and loads it with the powder.

Up at the cabin, Jax sits down with Gemma, Nero, Wendy, Tig, Rat and Brooke and tells them that August killed Bobby out of retaliation for the Sons going after the Chinese.

Jax tells Rat to dig a grave for Bobby out back.

Jax checks on Grant and Loutreesha. She tells Jax he's a decent man, but Jax isn't sure that's true.

He says the only way to stop August is by having him arrested and using Loutreesha's statement. He tells Grant that most of the preacher is still on the construction site. Jax plans to bring Loutreesha home tomorrow with protection and tells her to get a good lawyer. He tells them he plans to keep his promise to keep them safe.

Chibs meets with Jarry and gives her Loutreesha's statement and a map to the pastor's body. She's incredulous when Chibs says the map was from an anonymous tip from one of Loutreesha's congregation. Chibs won't explain why the club is now going after August, but says taking him out should quiet things down.

Jarry relays Gemma's choice words about her taking money and sleeping with Chibs. She asks him if he regrets getting together her. She challenges him to take her right there in front of Quinn if he has feelings for her, and walk away if not. When he pauses, she turns to go. But he grabs her hand and then takes her up on her offer, laying her down on the hood of her patrol car. Quinn maintains a somewhat respectable distance.

At the cabin, Jax watches as the Sons start to bury Bobby's body, then he rides off.

Jarry's deputies dig up the pastor's body.

In his trailer, Unser looks at the crime scene photos and tries to make sense of the case.

In lock-up, two guards come for Juice. Thinking it's time, he grabs his shiv, but he's surprised to be lead instead into solitary. The guard only tells Juice that it wasn't his call and he'll let Tully know. Juice is left alone with his shiv and no answers.

Late at night, Gemma asks for some time alone with Bobby's body before he's buried. Abel goes to get a cookie from the stove by the open back door. He sees Gemma talking to Bobby and telling him she's sorry. "I had no idea. I couldn't see all this. Please forgive me," she says, with Abel observing.

In town, August is led away from a restaurant in handcuffs as Jax and Chibs watch from across the street.




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