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Sofia Vergara Is Heading To The Simpsons...For a Love Triangle?! Find Out Who She's Playing


Bart Simpson is getting hot for teacher, and we don't blame him.

Sofía Vergara is heading to The Simpsonsas Mrs. Berrera, a new teacher who catches the eye of the eldest Simpson kid, E! News has confirmed.

If you're thinking that the perpetual ten year old is just a tad young for a crush on his teacher, you would be right, but it all makes sense after you hear the plot for the episode.

"Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles," which will air sometime this season, finds Bart drinking a milk substitute that contains some bad hormones that trigger some early puberty, complete with a mustache and feelings for his teacher, who also happens to pay him a bit more attention than he's used to getting from his teachers.

According to EW, who first reported the casting news, Mrs. Berrera will also make a connection with Principal Skinner after the two of them connect over their their veteren statuses, mostly because the producers thought it would be "interesting" to see both Bart and Skinner with crushes on the same woman.

The storyline makes us especially glad that Harry Shearer, who voices Skinner,will be returning to the show despite originally announcing that he was leaving, because watching a recasted Skinner fall in love with Sofia Vergara would just not be the same.

Currently, Vergara is only slated to appear in that one episode, but that one episode could easily turn into more, especially given the fact that she shootsModern Family on the same lot where The Simpsons records, and the other, sadder fact that Bart is currently without a regular teacher after the death of Mrs. Krabappel. Marcia Wallace, who voiced the teacher starting in 1990, passed away in 2013, and the character was retired in 2014.

Modern Family returns to ABC on Wednesday, September 23 while season 27 of The Simpsons will premiere on Sunday, September 27 on Fox.

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