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Sleepy Hollow "Blood Moon" Review: Evil's Found a New Home

Well, there you have it. The second episode of Sleepy Hollow. Did it pass the test? Did it live up to last week's insane pilot? In many ways, I'd say that it was a pretty good second outing for the series.

"Blood Moon" jumped right in after a very brief recounting of what transpired last week. It was more focused and less jam-packed than the premiere, which had a lot to do and a relatively short amount of time to do it. The centralized stand-alone story that fits like a puzzle piece into the larger season-long arc is probably what future episodes of Sleepy Hollow will be like. It's similar to Supernatural and other genres shows in that way, and that's definitely not a bad thing. If it risks becoming too serialized, it could lose viewers who fall behind, or it could keep new viewers from jumping in mid-way through. If it becomes too much of a procedural, where Abbie and Ike (Ichabod is a horribly annoying name to type) run around Sleepy Hollow solving random crimes with no larger purpose, the series risks losing viewers who want character development and serialized storytelling rather than just filler plot.

This episode proved that the series can do a mixture of the two and still remain highly entertaining, even if a bit ridiculous. The opening scene in which Ike was being chased by the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse was clearly a dream, made even more obvious by Katrina's presence, as she's trapped in the world between worlds. But it was also the only time we saw Steve (the Horseman) in this hour. As Ike was quick to tell us, once he trotted away on his horse at the end of the premiere, Steve has been MIA. Which answers the question of how the series would tackle cases of the week, Steve's presence, and the secret history of the United States every week, and the answer was simply: it's not going to.

The case of the week, as provided by Katrina, was to track down and destroy the remains of a witch who was burned at the stake before she could return and set off a chain reaction of evil. Or something. But before Abbie and Ike could do that, that scary demon thing that scared the bejusus out of all of us, brought Evil John Cho back to life! And gave us a scene even worse than the neck snapping scene from last week!

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