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Sir David Attenborough honoured

Sir David Attenborough has been presented with an award by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, for his outstanding contribution to broadcasting.

The Duke took to the stage at the Old Vic Theatre in London to present him with the London Evening Standard Beyond Theatre Award, which recognises excellence away from the traditional platform of live performance.

“The recipient of this award is a man who has shaped the culture of this country and the way we look at the world,” he said.

“Back in the 1950s he revolutionised the making of natural history programmes for television, beginning a long and happy association with the BBC’s natural history unit.

“But he is best known as a presenter of nature documentaries and as a conservationist, whose memorable romps with gorillas go hand in hand with a deep concern for the natural world.”

In his acceptance speech Sir David said, “In recent years it has become the fashion to do the last minutes of a wildlife show by showing how the programmes are made – and not before time.

“Because at last you can see the credit for those kind of programmes, among not the people who put their faces in front of the camera, or indeed behind it, but the people who actually wield the cameras.”

Attenborough’s latest series Planet Earth II is currently airing in the UK and will screen in Australia on Nine next year.

Source: SKY News, Independent

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