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Showtime Announces Premiere Dates for Homeland and The Affair


The long wait is almost over. Fresh off an Emmy nomination for Season 4, Showtime has announced a premiere date for Season 5 of Homeland, as well as Season 2 of The Affair. So get out your date planners, Apple Watches, Post-Its, arms, or wherever it is you write down important dates to remember because you won't want to forget this. Ready? Okay! Both shows will make their return on Sunday, October 4. Homeland will kick off the evening at at 9pm, leading into the The Affair‘s sophomore season debut at 10pm.

Homeland's new season picks up two years after the events of Season 4. Carrie will find herself in a self-imposed exile in Berlin, where she's estranged from the CIA and working for a private security firm. Meanwhile, Season 2 of The Affair will expand to include four different perspectives as it continues to explore the complicated psychological and emotional issues that have arisen as a result of Noah and Alison's affair.

Showtime also released the new artwork for Homeland. Check it out below:

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