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Sherlock: The First Full Trailer for the Victorian Special Will You Leave You Begging for More (VIDEO)

Did you hear the good news? PBS has released the first full trailer for the highly anticipated one-off Sherlock special. The special, which is absolutely not a Christmas special and has no official premiere date, is set in Victorian England and sees Benedict Cumberbatch's titular detective don the familiar deerstalker cap most people associate with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's sleuth. The trailer, which may or may not have been put together by Mad Men's former "Next On" editor based on the ominous but also sometimes meaningless dialogue, also prominently features Watson's (Martin Freeman) mustache, and it's glorious. Take a look!

"You're Sherlock Holmes, wear the damn hat." Oh Watson, I have missed you.

Earlier this summer at the Television Critics Association summer previews, co-creatorSteven Moffat was asked why the new special was set in Victorian England when part of the allure of the series was its contemporary setting. He said the reason was because it was more conducive to the story he wanted to tell. "Ghost stories work better in the Victorian setting," Moffat said. "We haven't done much with them in the modern show... [and] it's a chance to tell a ghost story, a scary story."

Ghost stories are cool, but it would be really great if we could get a premiere date for this special. I need to plan my viewing party!

What do you think of the Victorian setting? 

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