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shameless 4


shameless 4

Season 4 Episode 7

"A Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, and Parasitic Twin"

The Gallagher clan deals with some changing dynamics, and Lip gets some unexpected help from his roommate's girlfriend.....


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Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.14.38

Lip takes over Fiona's job, making lunch and getting everyone ready for school. He warns everyone to be on their best behavior, just in case the social worker comes by. He warns Sammi to keep Frank from doing drugs in the house.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.15.14Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.15.57

Mandy storms into to the bathroom, and tells Micky to go find Ian. She reminds him that he was the reason Ian left in the first place.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.16.33

Fiona finally see Liam. She hugs him and apologizes for what happened.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.17.30Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.18.31

Kevin gets robbed at the bar. They duct-tape him, and run of with a keg full of money.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.18.53

Lip takes Liam back to school with him, and his roommate's girlfriend offers to watch him while he goes to class.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.19.55

Fiona goes to her preliminary hearing. The judges tells her lawyer and the prosecutor to compromise and come up with a plea deal.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.21.30Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.22.00

Kevin goes to get a gun from Mickey.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.22.35Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.22.51

Veronica goes to get an ultrasound, and finds out that she is carrying only two babies now.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.23.08Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.23.20

Mickey goes to the club where Ian works. The manager tells him that Ian is working at their other club.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.51.29Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.52.16

Frank, in pain, gets mad at Sammi for not letting him smoke weed. To ease his pain, and get back in Frank's good graces, she gives Frank heroine.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.53.59Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.54.22

Carl beats up two kids at school for calling Liam retarded.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.54.43

Debbie surprises Matt, when he comes home and finds her there cooking dinner. Matt reminds her that they are just friends, and she needs to date boys her own age.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.55.33

Mickey tells Ian that he needs to go home. Ian walks away and goes back to dancing.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.56.43Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.56.51

Fiona argues with Lip about taking a plea. She tells Lip that she wants to go to trial, because she feels that she is innocent. Lip explains to her that she is guilty, to take the deal, and except the consequences.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.57.50Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.58.05

The family finds Frank on the bathroom floor, he had sh** his self. Lip screams at Sammi, telling her that he just warned her about this happening, and kicks her and Frank out of the house.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 14.59.15Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.00.24

Before a drugged out Ian went home with a man from the club, Mickey stops it and sends the man on his way. Mickey then grabs Ian and takes him home.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.00.56Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.01.09

Mickey's wife gets out of the shower, and finds Mickey staring at Ian asleep in their bed. She walks away.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.02.01Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.02.29

Frank and Sammi break into Sheila's home, since she has gone to stay on the reservation for awhile.



Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.03.25Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.03.51

At her hearing, the judge gives Fiona 3 years probation, and she does not have to do any more jail time.


Screenshot 2014-02-24 15.04.26

Fiona pleads guilty, and is given an ankle monitor.



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