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shameless 403


shameless 403

Season 4 Episode 3

"Like Father, Like Daughter"

     This show is the best! This episode was all about the lengths Frank will go to for self preservation, and just how slutty Fiona really is. First off, Frank convinces Carl to give him the $40 Sheila gave him for food. He also tells Carl to go score drugs from Veronica. Frank gives Carl back only enough money for bread and toilet paper (smh). Next we see Frank give a kid a joint to go and rough-up his grand son, so he can step in and save the day. His daughter, who doesn't know that he is her father, thanks him and offers to buy him lunch. Frank agrees to go with Sammi to her son's dodge ball game. You can tell that Sammi is starting to have feelings for Frank, but he isn't saying a thing (smh again). They leave the game and Frank follows them home for a nightcap. While drinking, Sammi tells Frank that she wants to give him his liver. She thinks that he has a good heart and she would do it for him. After that, she hops on top of him and kisses Frank (nasty!). Frank hops up and claims that he is feeling some pain. He does not tell her that she is his daughter. Then we see Fiona at the home of Mike's parents for family dinner. She is introduced to Mike's older brother, Robbie, who is home from rehab. The next night Robbie, Mike, and Fiona go out to eat. Mike drinks too much, gets drunk, and Robbie and Fiona take him home. They leave Mike in the bathroom, puking his guts up, and start a conversation in the kitchen. While talking, Robbie kisses Fiona, and then they start to have sex on the kitchen countertop. Mike stumbles out of the bathroom and goes into the bedroom. Fiona and Robbie stop having sex. Robbie pulls his pants up and leaves while Fiona sits there with a shocked look on her face.

     The other characters had pretty good filler stories, but Frank and Fiona stole the show. A lot of people don't like the Fiona character, but I love "First Date Fiona". Frank Gallagher is one of my favorite characters on television. William H. Macy portrays him superbly.

- Darius Lacey

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