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Shameless  Season 8 Episode 2

Shameless (SHO) Promo & Sneak Peek - "Where's My Meth?"

Frank joins the workforce!

Frank re-lives his 20s and joins the workforce for the first time! Meanwhile, Fiona grapples with evicting someone from her building; Lip works out a plan to sabotage Charlie's chances with Sierra; Ian and Carl make a troubling discovery about Monica; and Kev says his goodbyes as he prepares to go under the knife.


Frank is ready to join the work force. During an interview, he explains how his life went wrong due to his love for Monica (Chloe Webb), and how he is now ready to become the upstanding citizen he once was.

Watch a sneak peak of what's to come on this season.


Shameless  Season 8 Episode 2Shameless  Season 8 Episode 2


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