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Shades of Blue: Season 1, Episode 2

Shades of Blue (NBC) Full Episode & Review - "She Passed A Polygraph For Nothing"

Season 1 Episode 2

"Original Sin"

Paranoid and guilt-stricken, Harlee suggests Wozniak polygraph the entire crew - a plan that backfires.

Hot on the trail of his rat, Wozniak (Ray Liotta) assigns everyone except Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) to a drive-by shooting case, wearing them down through sleep deprivation. Donnie Pomp (Michael Esper) tells Wozniak the FBI would have chosen the person with the biggest secrets as their informant, forcing him to consider Harlee. Meanwhile, Agent Stahl (Warren Kole) arrests Harlee for refusing to cooperate, so she agrees to follow protocol. Agent Molly Chen (Annie Chang), Stahl's number two, files an at-risk informant report, and their supervisor gives Stahl 24 hours to find the FBI's presumed leak.

New ADA James Nava (Gino Anthony Pesi) tells Wozniak that Miguel Zepeda, who claimed in 2005 that Harlee framed him for murder, is petitioning for a new trial. Wozniak watches a tape of himself interrogating Harlee about Zepeda that year. She denies planting a knife in his car, but eventually reveals that Zepeda was abusive. Once she was pregnant, he threatened to kill her if she left him. He was convicted for grand theft auto and she had the baby safely, but six years later, he was released and started hanging around Cristina's school… so Harlee did what she had to do. Wozniak encourages her to cover her tracks.

Meanwhile, Tess (Drea de Matteo) is doing her own detective work, trying to prove her husband is cheating on her. Posing as her husband, she sexts a contact in his phone, and then finds the woman at a bar and attacks her.

To allay Wozniak's concerns about an informant, Harlee suggests they polygraph the crew. But when she arrives at his house, no one else is there - Woz wants to test her first. Remembering that pain can render the test inconclusive, she burns her arm on a kettle and manages to pass the test, even when Wozniak asks her point-blank if she's ever been an FBI informant. Afterward, Wozniak watches video of Harlee taking the test, which he secretly filmed. She tucked her hair behind her ear in 2005 when she denied planting a knife in Zepeda's car - and she did it again when she denied being an informant. As far as Wozniak's concerned, Harlee has a tell.

shades of blue season 1 episode 2

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