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Shades of Blue - Season 1

Shades of Blue (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Live Wire Act"

"Live Wire Act"

While the crew grapples with Saperstein's death, Harlee and Wozniak pick up a package for the big job that turns out to be a kidnapped man.

After Saperstein's funeral, Wozniak (Ray Liotta) passes out drunk in the cemetery, while Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) goes home to have Stahl (Warren Kole) outfit her with a new wire. The next day, Wozniak tells Harlee about a meet-and-greet with the organizers of the big job, and Harlee, wearing her new wire, offers to accompany him.

The meet-up does not go as expected, however. Not only does the organizer not show himself, but he sends lackeys with a "package" for Wozniak - which turns out to be a kidnapped man stuffed in the trunk of a car. Wozniak and Harlee take the man to Wozniak's marina, where Harlee gets him to open up and share that his wife works for a security company. When Wozniak returns to the marina, he tells Harlee about Donnie's involvement in the job, while Harlee shares what she's learned about the security company.

Stahl and Wozniak separately follow the lead to the security company and narrowly miss each other. While there, Wozniak recognizes an armored car driver as one of the lackeys from the meet-up. He realizes the kidnapped man is being used as leverage to make his wife, a dispatcher, put the driver on a certain route. The big job is an armored car heist.

Meanwhile, a call comes in to Saperstein's desk phone for a robbery-in-progress, which leads Tufo (Hampton Fluker) and the other detectives to help a former doctor who runs a secret clinic for those in need. After learning that Saperstein had helped the doctor in the past, Tufo offers to take up his friend's role should the doctor need future assistance.

When Donnie arrives at the precinct to explain to Wozniak that the kidnapped man was a test, their conversation quickly devolves into a confrontation. Harlee gets the entire exchange recorded on her wire by dropping it in Wozniak's trash, and she is listening with Stahl for the shocking reveal that Wozniak and Donnie are in a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, Agent Chen, frustrated by Stahl's unwillingness to follow up on Zepeda, takes matters into her own hands and has the DA cut a deal for Zepeda. In prison, Zepeda's defense attorney arrives to tell him he's been exonerated. He's a free man.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

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