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Shades of Blue - Season 1

Shades of Blue (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "For I Have Sinned"

"For I Have Sinned"

When the heist gets heisted, Harlee and Wozniak must face the consequences, while Loman decides where his allegiances lie.

In the aftermath of the heist, Harlee and Wozniak drive a stolen car with all the stolen money. Reeling from everything that's happened, they're arguing about their next move when their car is hit. Whoever hit them knew what they were doing - all the money is gone. Wozniak tells Linklater as much, and when he and Harlee meet Linklater and Donnie at a Chinese restaurant, they learn Linklater took secret photos of them with the kidnapped man. If Harlee and Wozniak don't get him the money in 24 hours, he'll make sure they take the fall for everything.

Stahl arrives at the scene of the heist, where he finds Loman, whom he takes in for questioning. After learning about the wrecked car and the missing money, Stahl needs a witness who can place Wozniak and the others at the crime scene. He leans hard on Loman, but Loman insists the robbers were wearing masks, effectively protecting his crew. After being released, Loman flashes back to the heist, and it's revealed that Harlee convinced him to protect them by lying about the motive for their actions.

Meanwhile, Tufo and Espada take Tess and Joaquin to Dr. Isaiah, who treats their gunshot wounds in the local church. Wozniak comes to check on Tess and question a gravely wounded Joaquin, who tells Wozniak everything about his and Donnie's involvement in the two murders surrounding the buildings Donnie wants to buy.

When Harlee takes her wire into the FBI, Stahl is furious to discover it taped two hours of silence. He and Baker have no further use for Harlee, implying her immunity deal is in question because of her actions. But when Harlee realizes they've apprehended the wrong Linklater, she convinces them to put her back into play. She's the only one who can still get them the money and the men who set the heist in motion.

After Cristina calls her a liar, Harlee films a video of herself, a kind of confession to her daughter in which she attempts to explain why she did what she did. At the same time, Wozniak gives a confession of his own to the father of the local church, sharing how his daughter's suicide at age 19 set him on his morally dubious path. These reflections spur each of them back into action - Wozniak to seek vengeance, and Harlee to an abandoned building and a secret that will change everything.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

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