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Shades Of Blue - Season 1

Shades of Blue (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "False Face, False Heart"

"False Face, False Heart"

When Tess moves a body, botching a murder investigation, Harlee steps in as fixer to buy herself some time with the FBI.

The FBI picks up Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) at her house and takes her to FBI Special Agent in Charge Gail Baker (Leslie Silva), who, with no information on the leak, is ready to close the investigation. Desperate to avoid arrest, Harlee promises she'll find information for Baker within 24 hours.

Over breakfast, Wozniak (Ray Liotta) tells Harlee that Miguel Zepeda, the abusive ex she framed for murder, is seeking retrial. Wozniak promises he'll testify on her behalf, giving her reason to think twice about betraying him. Unable to get intel about the big job out of Wozniak, Harlee tries to get his black book of contacts for Stahl (Warren Kole). But while she's rooting through Wozniak's desk, ADA Nava (Gino Anthony Pesi) walks in, and she forgets to return Wozniak's key. Furious that Harlee may be the mole, Wozniak meets with Pomp (Michael Esper) in a hotel room and reveals his suspicions. Pomp encourages him to "protect his family" and kisses him, revealing their true relationship.

Meanwhile, in an effort to protect her home's value, Tess (Drea de Matteo) gets Espada's (Vincent Laresca) help moving a dead body found nearby. But when the body turns out to be an NYU student, Tess knows she messed up. Harlee offers to help her, hoping to pass the case on to the FBI. Harlee and Tess discover the boy accidentally shot himself, using a 3D-printed gun. Harlee arrests the boy's roommate, who printed the gun, and hands him and his gun stash over to Stahl.

Later, Harlee meets with Nava at a restaurant to discuss the Zepeda file, but Stahl, who's followed her, brings her to the restroom and forcibly wires her for her meeting with Wozniak. At the marina, Wozniak reveals Harlee has a tell and then pulls a gun on her, accusing her of being the FBI mole. She replies that if she were the mole, she'd be wired, and she drops her dress to prove otherwise. It's a massive gamble that pays off; Wozniak doesn't see the wire hidden on her back. After, Harlee meets Nava at his apartment and sleeps with him, leaving her wire on so the jealous and controlling Stahl can hear her.

Shades Of Blue - Season 1

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