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Shades of Blue - Season 1

Shades of Blue (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Equal & Opposite"

"Equal & Opposite"

A confrontation with a drug dealer threatens to expose Wozniak's secret; Harlee starts spying on Stahl in self-defense.

Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) and Tess (Drea de Matteo) find a car loaded with heroin, property of dealer Raul Mendez. Tess suggests they work with him, raising Wozniak's (Ray Liotta) suspicions that she might be the informant. Wozniak and Tess meet with Raul, but Wozniak simply lets him know his heroin is police property. Later when Tess disappears from the precinct, Wozniak follows her, his suspicions heightened, but what he discovers is her affair with Espada (Vincent Laresca), which Wozniak advises Tess to end.

Meanwhile, Tufo (Hampton Fluker) notices he's being followed, so Harlee asks Stahl (Warren Kole) to back off - but Stahl reveals it wasn't him. Stahl traces the surveillance to Pomp (Michael Esper) and gets him to stand down. While at a movie together, Pomp tells Wozniak about the surveillance he was conducting and the visit from Stahl, which confirms the feds are on their trail. Wozniak leaves, only to discover his car speeding away, a Mendez Mortuary brochure left in its place. Eventually, Wozniak's police cruiser returns, but it's painted pink with a cache of gay porn in the back seat. Wozniak knows his secret has been compromised, so he offers Raul's territory to a rival dealer and blackmails Raul into silence.

Amid all of the chaos, Harlee finds out that her daughter Cristina has a secret boyfriend, and is disturbed by her effortless lying - maybe Harlee's not the only one leading a double life. Looking at Pomp's surveillance photos, Wozniak sees that Saperstein (Santino Fontana) wasn't with Tufo when he said he was, so Wozniak begins to suspect Saperstein, who was actually getting lessons in Portuguese from a Brazilian prostitute.

Concerned Stahl might be spying on her, Harlee springs her former training officer, Caddie - now a troubled junkie - out of jail, and they plant a camera in Stahl's apartment. Harlee uses Caddie's camera-sweeping device to search her room, but it detects nothing. She watches Stahl through the hidden camera, but turns it off before she can see he's hired an escort who looks eerily like her - and he's having her use Harlee's name.

Shades of Blue - Season 1

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