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Seven teasing big September!


Seven appears to be planning a resurgence in September with a string of new shows to spearhead the final quarter of the year.

While the network is struggling to topple Nine’s current run, it is teasing new shows for a major push when Nine’s run with The Voice and the Ashes has subsided.

Amongst the new shows it is teasing are The X Factor, 800 Words, Heroes Reborn, Aquarius, The Player, Quantico, The Chase and What Really Happens in Thailand. Dates for all are yet to be confirmed.

Seven also has the AFL finals around which to promote and launch new shows.

If Seven can finish the year as well as it started, the middle of the year with Restaurant Revolutionwon’t be quite so damaging.

It’s not a fight Nine nor TEN will take lying down, but we all win with healthy competition.

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