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Seven taking Nine to court over breakfast battle

We were about due for a network stoush, and it has come in the form of Seven taking Nine to court over claims that Today is the #1 breakfast show.

Seven is taking legal action hoping Nine will have to remove its promos. Nine announced it had won the year after claiming 21 of 40 weeks won. But Seven maintains it leads in national numbers and the race is still too close to claim a winner.

Yesterday at Seven’s “Newfronts” CEO Tim Worner described Sunrise as being #1 at Breakfast.

But the legal spat may overshadow Seven’s 2017 announcements, which include bio dramas on Shane Warne, Paul Hogan & Olivia Newton-John and new Reality TV titles. Press is already giving more attention to the network war than talking up the shiny new shows. Like it or not a negative is way juicier than a positive.

The brawl over who can claim to be the leading show also emerges from an industry that uses hyperbole in network promos all the time. Was the Home and Away season premiere really “The most anticipated moment of 2016? ” Is You’re Back in the Room really “The television phenomenon taking the world by storm?”

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