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Scream and cry on demand with Shudder, the newest streaming network, exclusively for horror films

With Netflix continuing to dominate the television landscape, it seems predictable that a wave of streaming networks would continue to be introduced. The newest niche service to enter the streaming game is Shudder, which exclusively offers horror content, meaning all of that impossible-to-find torture porn will now be right at your grisly fingertips.

Curated by TIFF Midnight Madness programmer Colin Geddes and former Fangoria editor Sam Zimmerman, AMC’s Shudder features countless classics, cult and modern favourites and international picks, with such genres as “body horror,” “killers” and “extreme.”

It also includes exclusive premieres every month, including Beyond the Walls, Therapy, We Go On, Phantasm, Rob Zombie’s 31, and the highly-anticipated Grudge and Ring monster battle Sadako vs Kayako.

The most intriguing feature?, which will be available to anyone, including non-members, as it plays an endless stream of movies. You just won’t know what you’re watching, when it started or will end, or what’s coming up next – kind of like, you know, just turning on the TV.

If you’d like to curate your own selections, however, the service, which launched last week in Canada, is available for $4.99 a monthly or $49.99 for a year, and can be streamed via its website, apps for iOS and Android, Apple TV and Roku.

Shudder plans to stand apart from its heavyweight contemporaries with 85 per cent of its 200+ selection not currently available on Amazon, Netflix, CraveTV or Fandor.

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