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‘Scandal’ Finale: Shonda Rhimes On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


Jimmy Kimmel gamely interviewed Shonda Rhimes — “the woman whose brain gave birth” to ABC’s primetime soap Scandal, in a full episode of his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, tonight, while viewers attempted to recover from the dizzying Scandal season finale.

Chatting with Rhimes on the show set, Kimmel noted the season wrapper was really about three finales’ worth of action. “I always want to make the show something you can’t do other stuff while it’s on…You can’t fold laundry, you can’t yell at your husband,”  Rhimes explained. Kimmel said that was noble of her. And so, the night wore on, Shonda calmly declining to cough up any dirt about future plans for the show, Kimmel trying to liven things up by noting the conference table at which they were seated was the one on which two of the show’s characters had sex in a recent episode and hoping someone had cleaned it before this interview. Rhimes did tell a story about the time she could not make up her mind whether Scott Foley’s Jake Ballard should become POTUS’s new running mate — or head of a covert CIA operation — deciding to shoot it both ways and look at the footage to see which storyline “feels stupid’ and which “feels good.” Extra points if you went with “Veep” for Feels Stupid. Assisting Kimmel greatly in the Liven Things Up category were the actors of Scandal, who performed most of the parts in Kimmel’s Spanish-language spinoff, Escandalo, which creating the strong impression the ensemble cast of this drama was born to make single-camera comedy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been in repeats this week, but shot tonight’s original, Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind the Scandalabra,  just so Kimmel could interview Rhimes. As he dukes it out with NBC’s Jimmy Fallon-hosted Tonight show in late night, Kimmel  has pulled in many of his best numbers on his show’s branded Scandal Thursdays, each week featuring someone from Rhimes’ hit. Tonight’s episode also featured a pretty pedestrian Scandal blooper reel .


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