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SCANDAL (ABC) - The Key!


Season 4 Episode 5

"The Key"

Jake doesn't return Olivia's calls, which distracts her from Catherine's case. Elsewhere, Cyrus continues to get tangled up with Michael; David gets a taste of victory; and Fitz wants answers about Jerry's demise...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Watch The Full Episode![/button]


In “Inside the Bubble,” Catherine Winslow, an old friend from Olivia’s law school days, was arrested for the murder of her stepdaughter, Caitlin. Dan Kubiak is the security man from her husband’s law firm. He’s a former cop who was caught on tape trying to steal a folder Caitlin was holding. Olivia and Quinn do surveillance on the guy. They see Caitlin’s best friend, Faith, enter his office. Kubiak shoots Faith dead. This has Olivia understandably upset, as well as somewhat reflective.

Olivia meets with Jeremy Winslow. He realizes that Kubiak killed his daughter and her friend over a locker key. However, he tells Olivia that he doesn’t know anything about it. He’s afraid of Kubiak. The key the killer seeks is missing. Quinn believes Faith swallowed it before she was killed. So she digs it out of her.

Cyrus suggests that they get a different kind of interrogator to get a confession out of Jake. Fitz doesn’t want any mistakes. They do this by the book. Olivia can’t get in contact with Jake. She’s worried. Her dad pops by with some wine. They have an abnormally normal conversation. In other words, it’s rather pleasant. Olivia lets her guard down. She has a feeling that something bad has happened to Jake. Rowan assures her that a man like that can take care of himself.

In his holding area deep in the bowels of the Pentagon, Jake asks the interrogator to stop talking. He’s patiently waiting to see the president. When the interrogator continues to talk, Jake gets impatient by demonstrating just how lethal he can be. Olivia knows he was at the White House before he disappeared. She believes Fitz has him. She wants Abby to help. She won’t. She also won’t meet with David after he tries to apologize for drunk-dialing her.

Jake gets his wish. Fitz finally comes to see him. Some small talk leads to the two of them briefly singing a little Otis Redding. Strange, but true. This unusual moment ends when it becomes clear that Fitz thinks he killed his son. Jake thinks this is all about Olivia. He promises that he didn’t kill Jerry. Elsewhere, Cyrus tells Olivia that Jake killed the president’s son and Harrison. Once they have a confession, Jake will be executed. This information is classified.

Olivia believes her father is behind all of this. Rowan assures her that he didn’t kill Harrison or the president’s son. He assures her it was Jake. He’s quite convincing. He claims all he ever wanted was for his daughter to be happy.

Huck has been spying on his wife, Kim, who catches him. He tries to explain that he had to go away or others were going to kill her. Kim doesn’t believe him. She orders him to stay away. This doesn’t fly. Huck needs to see his son. Kim tricks him into trying to seeing a doctor. Huck is furious that she lied to him. He tearfully tells Quinn that she will never believe him even though he told the truth.

Mellie freaks out when Fitz isn’t around to visit the cemetery. She drinks heavily. She thinks her hubby was off with Olivia. Fitz angrily lets her know that he was trying to get a confession out of their son’s killer. Mellie finds some solace in the fact that the death of her son wasn’t random. It was meaningful. It’s as if he was a soldier who died for them. Fitz says he is done talking to her until she can become a Mellie he recognizes.

A still-drinking David tells Abby that he killed someone with the B613 files. They gave him power. They made him a winner. They helped him set forth a chain of events that led to another man’s suicide. David admits that he was trying to be Olivia Pope. Later, a furious Abby tells Olivia that she’s poison. A teary Olivia then tells Abby that Jake killed Harrison and Jerry Grant. She breaks down. Abby gives her a hug.

Fitz visits Jake again. He rolls up his sleeves and begins beating his old pal. He repeatedly asks if he killed his son. Jake taunts Fitz by bringing up Olivia. He knows how much his being with her must have tortured him. Fitz gets even angrier. He inflicts some torture of his own by beating Jake to a bloody pulp.



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