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SCANDAL (ABC) - Smelly Mellie!


Season 4 Episode 4

"Like Father, Like Daughter"

Fitz asks Olivia to shut down a situation that could destroy the Grant family’s reputation. Meanwhile, Rowan calls on an old friend to do his dirty work...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Olivia is in the middle of trying to have a normal dinner conversation with Jake when she gets a call. She meets up with Quinn at a raucous party. They find a young girl vomiting in a back bedroom. Olivia orders Quinn to call an encrypted number on her phone. When Cyrus Beene answers, she’s to tell him that they have, Karen, the president’s daughter.

Olivia orchestrates an extraction plan so no one will snap a picture of the inebriated First Daughter being shuffled out of the party. It works flawlessly. That’s the good news. The bad news is someone captured Karen on video earlier that night in what Olivia calls the dirtiest sex tape she has ever seen. Fitz pleads with Olivia to help him. He needs her to fix this.

Olivia tries to get Karen to zero in on the two guys she had sex with at the party. She lets Fitz know that they will find them. Their conversation soon steers down a different avenue. Fitz wants to know where Olivia was for two months. They also talk about how Maya ruined them.

Mellie loses it when she sees Olivia in the halls. Fitz has no choice but to let her know what’s going on with Karen in the bluntest of ways. Mellie is initially stunned to hear about the sex tape. Then she lets her husband know that their daughter takes after her daddy.

Bobby is a kid on a college scholarship who is working a minimum wage job at Gettysburger, which has a terrific “fourscore” deal happening at the moment. If you buy four burgers, you get a fifth one for free. Quinn discovers this deal while threatening Bobby into divulging the name of his partner in sex taping. His name is Donald Morgan III.

Olivia meets with the boy’s parents. They want $2.5 million to turn over their son’s video. Fitz holds Olivia close after she advises him to pay them off. They kiss passionately, but only for a moment. Olivia admits that when she went away, she went away with Jake. Fitz is crushed. He orders Olivia to pay off the Morgans before storming out of the Oval Office.

Olivia hands over a check for $2.5 million to the Morgans. They decide they want more. Olivia loses it. She snaps a photo of the couple. It’s for the tabloids. She’s going to brand them as child pornographers. Olivia vows to completely annihilate these two despicable individuals. She orders them to sign a non-disparagement agreement immediately so she never has to see their faces again. The Morgans do as they are told.

Mellie confronts her daughter as to why she did what she did. She thinks it’s because she was feeling sad and numb. After all, she watched her brother die. Mellie says a tragedy like that entitles her to one free pass. She won’t get another. Mellie dispenses some motherly advice telling her little girl that she needs to keep her knees together from now on. Karen understands. She also wants to know if her mom is okay.

Rowan is disappointed that Secret Service man/B613 bad boy Tom hasn’t yet killed Jake. It’s not an easy ask. After all, the guy knows how he works. That’s probably why Jake is able to sidle up to Tom moments after Rowan leaves. He says they are both on Command’s hit list. After all, they are the only two people who know who ordered the president’s son to be killed. Jake later strong-arms David into giving him back the B613 files.

Cyrus introduces the president to George Bixby, who points out some red flags in the Secret Service. There are some discrepancies in Tom’s schedule from a few days before the election. Jake advises the Secret Service man to cut a deal. Then he goes to see Fitz with a B613 file, but the president doesn’t have time to talk to him.

Tom is about to sell out Command when Rowan walks in to take over the interrogation. He has photos proving that he’s the one who killed the president’s son. Rowan forces Tom into saying that Jake gave him the order to do so. Tom is arrested. Jake is taken away as well. He never did get a chance to have that chat with the president.

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Sneak Peek: Liv Asks Rowan about Jake

Liv confides her worries about Jake to her father. She wonders if it's even OK for them to talk about a topic like this... but Rowan has some advice and comforts that it's unlikely something happened to a man like Jake.136877_0735_pre-550x825

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