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SCANDAL (ABC) - Liv said there's a chance!


Season 4 Episode 6

"An Innocent Man"

An assassin who claims he was wrongly accused wants Olivia's help; Fitz makes a stunning move...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Olivia dreams of swimming and making love. The latter fantasy switches back and forth between images of Fitz and Jake. Her father also shows up at the pool where she dream-swims. When Olivia awakens after another nightmarish evening, she tells Abby that the president isn’t taking her calls. She has no idea what’s going on with Jake.A former president, Edward Randolph Cooper, has passed away. He was once the victim of an assassination attempt. There were many conspiracy theories as to who orchestrated the shooting. In the end, a lone gunman was imprisoned for the act. His name is Leonard Carnahan (guest star Brian Benben of Private Practice fame).Carnahan tells Olivia that he was not the shooter that day. The bullet from the assassination attempt remained lodged inside the former president’s head. It was always too dangerous to remove it. This is not the case now that Cooper is dead. Leonard Carnahan wants Olivia to help him get that bullet to prove he’s an innocent man. They have three days before the former president is buried at Arlington.

Olivia employs a strategy to have murder charges filed against Carnahan. It’s the only way to get to that bullet. David figures out Olivia’s strategy. He doesn’t believe it will help. He’s right. Ballistics shows that the bullet came from Carnahan’s gun. That’s because he actually was the shooter. He needed Olivia to let the world know about his true legacy beyond a reasonable doubt.

Lizzy Bear pays off Michael for the incriminating pictures he co-stars in along with Cyrus. She gets some bonus info from her inside man. Michael reveals that someone inside the White House is worried about the president’s plan to shudder some military bases. Lizzie takes this info to the press. Let the rumor-spreading begin!

Mellie meets with the deceased president’s widow, Bitsy, who is nothing like the simple lady she lets the world believe her to be. In truth, this itsy-Bitsy lady is a force to be reckoned with. She was the brains and muscle behind her late husband’s presidency. The two ladies bond.

Mellie is by Bitsy’s side during a press event where she takes the time to assure the world that the rumors that her husband is closing military bases are completely untrue. Actually, they were true, but now they’re not. Cyrus realizes that Michael might be behind the initial leak.

Abby confronts the president about Jake. She oversteps her boundaries big time by pointing out his bruised knuckles. Abby pleads with Fitz to contact Olivia before hurrying out of the Oval Office.

Later, she calls Olivia in a panic over how Cyrus may fire her. The discussion has to be put on hold. Someone is at Liv’s front door. It’s just the President of the United States pulling a pop-in.

Olivia is shown proof that Jake was behind the death of Fitz’s son. This does little to dissuade her desire to see him. Fitz later meets with Rowan. The president declares that Jake will be tried in a court of law. That’s not something Rowan wants, so he manipulates Fitz into letting Olivia see Jake.

Jake wants Olivia to make sure his mother is taken care of. He believes he is going to die. He also knows that Olivia will not choose him, and that’s okay. Jake makes her repeat the number of the offshore bank account he gives her for his mother. Liv has the number memorized.

Rowan finally gets his hands on Jake. He details how he played the president perfectly. Olivia is furious at Fitz, who blames Jake for ruining both of their lives. Olivia assures him that if she hands Jake over to Rowan there will never be any chance that the two of them will ever be together. This has Fitz asking if there’s actually hope for them. Olivia admits there is. Jake isn’t going to die. Fitz is sparing his life. It’s his gift to the woman they both love.

Huck takes a break from playing video games to let Quinn know that the key she dug out of a dead girl’s stomach came from a locker somewhere in a large radius. She goes on the hunt. As for Huck, he continues playing his video game. The pure joy he receives from this is because his online opponent is his son.

Quinn finds the mystery locker. Inside are hundreds of photos. They are all of Olivia. It’s as if someone is hunting her. As for Olivia, she’s out for a swim. Her earlier dream partially comes true when Rowan shows up at the pool. He’s ticked that his daughter crossed him. Olivia intervened to save both Jake and Fitz. She says, “You may be Command, Dad, but I have weapons at my disposal. Weapons you can’t possibly possess.” Then she swims away.



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