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Scandal (ABC) 100th Episode Recap & Review - "What if?"

What if Olivia didn't give the ok to rig the election? What if Fitz never became President? This episode gave a glimpse into that scenario. As Fitz, Liv, and Jake figure out what to do about Cyrus, Liv daydreams about what could have been. Instead of Olivia working for the next POTUS, she teams up with Marcus to help fight for human rights. Fitz, no longer a politician, divorces Mellie and asks Liv to marry him. At the wedding, we get to see Publius again! lol He's mad at Cyrus for keeping their relationship a secret. Afterwards, Cyrus sees Mellie looking from afar and decides to go talk to her. The go have a drink together, and Mellie explains how sad she is that Fitz and Liv are getting married. Cyrus tells her that she'll find someone because she is perfect, and Mellie kisses him! (WTF) Fast-forward a year later, Fitz has a political talk show called "The Grant Report" and Cyrus and Mellie are married. Cyrus convinces Mellie to run for President. Think are going great. Abby, David, Liv, and Huck meet up at night to watch their favorite The Bachelor-styled reality TV show, "The Prince." Huck's favorite contestant is Lyndsey D., who is actually Quinn! This alternate universe seems like the best in the world, but things suddenly change. Mellie finds out the secret that Cyrus has kept from her, that he is in love with Publius and is only with her for political gains. Liv and Marcus are excited about a meeting they have with the President, but when they get to the White House, they are told that their meeting is canceled and shouldn't have been scheduled in the first place. Their quest for human rights was crushed. Fitz is now drinking excessively. A stressed out Liv and Fitz argue at home. She reveals to him that she could have rigged the election but knew he didn't want to win like that. Fitz says that she should have. This drives Liv to think about divorce. She even gets divorce papers made. But Abby tells Liv that she never gave Fitz a chance. Losing the election was hard, and not only did Liv should not give him time to adjust, but she never went all in on the marriage. Liv had kept her apartment, even though Fitz had been trying to convince her to get a house with him. Next, Mellie comes to talk to Liv. She explains that Liv was right not to go ahead with rigging the election. After, we see Fitz come to the realization that he has spiraled out of control. He goes home and apologizes to Live. He tells her that she was right and he needs a little more time to find himself. He also tells her that he loves her. Live hands him an envelope. The writers have us thinking that it was the divorce papers, but it's pictures of a house that Live has picked out for them. Liv comes out of her daydream thinking that their life might have been great. I wonder if this will be a restart to the Olitz saga. We'll just have to wait and see.

Season 6 Episode 10

"The Decision "

With the ugly truth behind Frankie’s assassination revealed, a torn Olivia wonders how different her life – and the country – would be if she, Mellie and Cyrus had never rigged Fitz’s election.

Scandal Season 6 Episode 10 PromoScandal Season 6 Episode 10 Promo

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