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Season 3 Episode 14

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

Sally arranges a meeting with the NRA, sending the White House into a tailspin, Huck and Olivia come to startling realizations, and a surprising person asks Pope and Associates for help...
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In “No Sun on the Horizon,” two women were shot dead in the street. Executed. A third bullet ripped through the night. The shooter: Jake Ballard. His next target is either David Rosen or James Novak. The latter is gunned down while trying to escape the carnage. Jake points his gun at David. He’s always liked him. He wants to continue liking him. Jake asks him to work with him regarding their current situation. A short time later, David Rosen is heading the investigation into what’s being dubbed the carjacking murder of White House Press Secretary James Novak, beloved husband of Cyrus Beene.

Olivia orders blubbering White House aide Ethan to get it together pronto or he’s fired. He needs to take care of Cyrus. Olivia notices that Vanessa the reporter isn’t at the press briefing. She wants to know if David’s NSA girl, Shelby Moss, is also missing. This could have been a hit. Abby realizes David could be in danger. He’s not. He’s obviously worked something out with Jake, who is hard at work burying the bodies of the two other people he killed.

There’s an upcoming gun lobby event that Fitz wants to skip but Sally Langston is embracing with open arms. Cyrus knows the vice president is going behind their back to steal an endorsement. He’s all fired up. Olivia wants him to settle down. That’s not going to happen. He needs to work. Cyrus makes a plan with Fitz and Olivia to send Andrew and Mellie to the gun lobby event. They conspire to derail Sally’s jaunt to the Lone Star State. Andrew and Mellie work their magic. All Fitz needs to do for the endorsement is give a speech about the Second Amendment. Obviously, the timing isn’t ideal.

Cyrus wants him to come out in favor of gun control. They’d be using what happened to his husband to get votes. Cyrus met James years ago in Indiana during the primary. He was in denial about being gay. The two men eventually give in to their feelings for each other. Cyrus later tells Fitz that he’s in love, though he doesn’t reveal a name. In the present, Fitz gives the speech Cyrus recommended. It sends his approval rating up. In Houston, Mellie and Andrew have an impromptu gun debate over drinks. The spirited conversation ends the moment they start kissing and rolling around on the floor.

Charlie and Quinn meet with a man named Lance McCullum. The guy has six months to live unless he gets a liver transplant. Charlie lets him know that he’d get free medical treatment is he was an inmate. Lance is fingered as the prime suspect in the murder of James Novak. There’s lots of evidence, but David doesn’t want the guy arrested just yet. He finally tells Abby the truth about what’s happened to him.

Huck realizes that someone has been looking through Olivia’s safe. He knows it was Quinn. He also knows that she wanted him to find this out. He believes that somewhere inside she’s still a gladiator. Quinn responds to this by spitting in his face. Huck responds to this by kissing her hard. Quinn actually kisses him back. There’s awkwardness when they break the lip-lock. Quinn says, “If you’re not gonna kill me, get the hell out.” So Huck leaves.

Abby, Harrison and Huck all come to their fearless leader revealing their assortment of problems. Olivia has no answers for any of them. Instead, she silently leaves the office. She later meets with David, who tells her about Lance the patsy. Olivia wants him to make the arrest. The problem isn’t Jake. It’s the existence B-613. He should focus his energy on that. She’ll help him. To take down the organization, they need to lose this battle so they can win the war. Later, Olivia lets Cyrus know that his husband was killed in a carjacking gone wrong. That’s it. End of story.

Against Olivia’s advice, Cyrus rushes into the press room to make a statement. He confirms that a suspect has been taken into custody in the murder of James Novak. While at the podium, he recalls in his mind the time he brought James into a political party to share a dance with him. It was the first time he acknowledged their relationship in public. In the present, Cyrus breaks down in front of the entire press corps. Fitz is there to comfort his friend. He leads him out of the room amidst a flurry of flashbulbs. Olivia finishes the press conference. She reveals the name of the suspect. Her fellow gladiators watch on TV silently back at the office.

We jump back to the night of the murder. Jake loads the bodies of the two women into the trunk of a car. He steps back to James, who is still alive. Jake apologizes for being so sloppy with him. He had to do it this way so it would look like the murder was done by an amateur. His death will be slow and painful. Jake says he will stay with him so he won’t die alone. He assures James that his daughter will be safe. Jake says it won’t be long now. James looks up at him. He takes one last breath. Then he’s gone.


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