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SBS updates virtual reality app

SBS has updated virtual reality app, SBS VR, for Apple iOS and Google Android and announced three new VR projects.

The upgrade features smoother playback and more intuitive navigation.

John-Paul Marin, Manager, SBS Digital Creative Labs, said: “VR and 360° storytelling provides new opportunities to engage with audiences, immersing them in virtual worlds that drive an emotional connection through shared experience.

“Embracing this digital innovation, SBS VR transports viewers to the very heart of unique stories, encouraging a deeper understanding of our diverse world.”

In a special partnership with the Antenna Documentary Film Festival,  the VR film Invisible features a journey into the UK’s immigration detention system.

Welcome to Garma with Ernie Dingo
The Garma Festival is a four-day festival committed to improving the state of Indigenous disadvantage and attracts an exclusive gathering of 2,500 political and business leaders from across the globe. SBS VR, working with NITV, has captured a 360° video featuring some of the traditional dances and other cultural events throughout the festival.

A Pig’s Life with Matthew Evans
Host of upcoming three-part SBS documentary For The Love of Meat Matthew Evans takes viewers on a virtual reality journey to experience life as a pig in Australia’s meat trade.

Tomorrow’s Diwali
Exploring what Indian festivals represent to the diverse Indian-Australian community, Tomorrow’s Diwali combines real-time art with emotive narrative from a range of community voices. Using VR’s painting tool Google Tilt Brush, visual artist Keroshin Govender takes audiences on an immersive journey, creating visual representations that reflect stories from Australia’s diverse Indian community for all Australians to embrace.

Concealed behind 20ft prison walls, on the hem of cities, thousands of people are being held with no time limit. In this psychological pressure cooker people are desperately trying to prove why they should be allowed to stay in the UK. The film hears the voices of those with first-hand experience of being detained as they lift the veil on the realities of the UK detention system.

The new-look SBS VR app is free to download and is available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices from Tuesday, 11 October.

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