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Saturday Night Live Recap: Seth Rogen Celebrates 4/20 Early


When I interviewed Seth Rogen last year, I felt compelled to ask about his relationship with sticky icky. It was not a unique impulse. Several of Rogen's movies enthusiastically endorse marijuana — hell, it drove the entire plot of Pineapple Express — so it seems worthy of its own line of inquiry. Sure enough, the budding filmmaker was game to talk pot. The reality, of course, is that Seth Rogen is asked about this topic in way too many interviews, and he's probably bored out of his mind with these questions by now. But he always comes through anyway, and does his best to make the answers interesting. It was this affable good nature that shone through most in Rogen's third time hosting Saturday Night Live. Even when he was in less-than-stellar sketches, and a couple duds did indeed make the cut this week, Rogen still performed the hell out of them, like he was in on some cosmic joke we'd all be privy to eventually. His consistent delivery anchored the episode, and made it look like fun. Oh, and there was also a weed sketch for the ages.


- Joe Berkowitz

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