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Donald Trump and Sia Bumper Photos

Saturday Night Live (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Donald Trump with Sia"

"Donald Trump with Sia"

Donald Trump hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Sia. 

Donald Trump hosts for the second time alongside musical guest Sia, also making her second appearance. Sketches include MSNBC Forum Cold Open, Donald Trump Monologue, Bad Girls, Live Tweeting, Hotline Bling Parody and Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Donald Trump.


MSNBC Forum Cold Open

Martin O'Malley (Taran Killam), Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Bernie Sanders (Larry David) answer questions from moderator Rachel Maddow (Cecily Strong) at the MSNBC Democratic candidates forum.


Donald Trump Monologue

Donald Trump is joined by Taran Killam as Donald Trump and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump. Plus, Larry David makes a surprise appearance.


White House 2018

With Donald Trump as president, peace has been restored in Syria, Mexico pays to build the wall and Omarosa (Sasheer Zamata) and Ivanka Trump are members of the cabinet.


Bad Girls

From not paying for lemonade to leaving ice cream in the bread aisle, bad girls (Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Sasheer Zamata, Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon) do it well.


Live Tweeting

When he can't appear in a sketch, Donald Trump instead live-tweets it and rates its stars, Taran Killam, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson and Vanessa Bayer.


Hotline Bling Parody

Drake (Jay Pharoah) defends his "Hotline Bling" dance moves, pointing out that dads (Beck Bennett), teachers (Taran Killam), tax guys (Donald Trump) and Ed Grimley (Martin Short) all dance like him.


Sia: Alive

Musical guest Sia performs "Alive."


Weekend Update 11-7-15

Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week's biggest news, including Jeb Bush's new campaign slogan, Ben Carson claiming the pyramids were built by Joseph to store grain, the New York Mets' World Series loss and a Taco Bell executive getting fired after assaulting an Uber driver.


Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Gender Roles

Leslie Jones discusses how changing gender roles have led men to become man bitches.


Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Donald Trump

Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) explains why Donald Trump is going to make America grapes again.


Rock Band

Gene Breads (Donald Trump) thinks his solo is unfairly short just because he plays the laser harp.


Crocker Family Dinner

Music producer Skay-C Steve (Donald Trump) interrupts the Crockers' family dinner to get Mr. Crocker (Beck Bennett) to record a song.


Toots Intro

Donald Trump runs into Toots and the Maytals (Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah), the musical guest from the last time he hosted SNL.


Sia: Bird Set Free

Musical guest Sia performs "Bird Set Free."


Porn Stars: Donald Trump

The former porn stars (Vanessa Bayer, Cecily Strong) campaign for Donald Trump and get a visit from Ronald McDonald McTrump (Bobby Moynihan).

From the Set: Donald Trump and Sia

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