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'Saturday Night Live': 10 Most Memorable Halloween Sketches

Saturday Night Live never has never struggled to get viewers into the Halloween spirit.

Over the years, the venerable NBC sketch series has aired numerous sketches centered on the spooky day, with memorable bits including a Twilight parody, a motivational speaker who resides in a van down by the river and even the actual commander in chief.

Here are ten of SNL's top Halloween-themed segments.

"Clinton Halloween Party" (2007)

The real-life Barack Obama made a surprise appearance at Hillary Clinton's (Amy Poehler) costume shindig.

"Weekend Update: Stefon on Halloween" (2012)

Stefon (Bill Hader) offered his suggestions for Halloween festivities: "This place is going to have everything: ghosts, ghouls, goblins, my son. And on the dance floor, you'll find both guys from Wham! wearing a two-man horse costume. Spoiler alert: They're both in the back."

"Matt Foley on Halloween" (1993)

Chris Farley's iconic character — the van-dwelling motivational speaker — is brought in on Halloween after some kids are caught "throwing eggs around like a short-order cook at a truck stop."

"Vincent Price's Halloween Special II With John F. Kennedy" (2010)

JFK (Jon Hamm) and Judy Garland (Kristen Wiig) stopped by Price's (Hader) abode.

"The Zimmermans" (1998)

An overly sexual couple hosts an intimate Halloween party, with Ben Stiller playing an uncomfortable friend dressed as Robin Hood.

"Firelight" (2009)

The sketch from the Taylor Swift-hosted episode mocked the Twilight franchise, with Bill Hader playing Frankenstein. When Swift's character asks Frankenstein why he doesn't kiss her, he replies, "Because when I kiss people, I tend to accidentally choke them to death."

"Happy Halloween... What?!" (2008)

"I'm a sex offender...for Halloween," Jeff Montgomery (Will Forte) confusingly tells his new neighbor (Jon Hamm). Hamm replies, "Is 'sex offender' your Halloween costume, or are you fulfilling a legal obligation to declare yourself a sex offender?"

"Daily Affirmations: Halloween" (1992)

"Instead of candy this year, I've decided to give out rice cakes," Stuary Smalley (Al Franken) admits. "A few kids might be disappointed, but that's OK — it's their problem."

"The Apprentice Halloween Promo" (2004)

"It's going to get the highest ratings of any promo in the history of NBC, not to mention the history of television," Donald Trump (Darrell Hammond), dressed as Count Dracula, predicts about his Halloween Apprentice ad.

"Graveyard Song" (2014)

During last season's Jim Carrey-hosted episode, Carrey and Taran Killam played a pair of overly friendly graveyard ghosts who didn't understand the point of their spooky song: "Paul and Phil, Phil and Paul. Can you guess who's who? We'll never tell. Yes, we will — I'm Paul."

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