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Samuel Johnson wins Gold Logie

Actor Samuel Johnson has won the Gold Logie for his performance as Molly Meldrum.

Johnson, who credits his sister Connie with campaigning for him to win Gold and Silver Logies, thanked family and the arts community, who had taught him “to work harder, to pursue excellence… I did none of that.

“You’ve given me such wondrous shelter over the last 23 years and I feel indebted and I want to say thank you.”

Johnson won ahead of fellow nominees Grant Denyer, Jessica Marais, Peter Helliar, Rodger Corser and Waleed Aly.

But the moment was upstaged by Molly Meldrum with colourful memories of seeing Johnson’s work and the drama of having his life portrayed on screen …. but not without dropping a few F-Bombs and frank admissions, as only Molly can do.

In a Logies which was notable for its lack of off-script moments -it was Molly who gave it the most memorable moment.

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