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Sally bares her soul on Radio Weatherfield

Sophie informs a furious Kevin of how Rosie’s going back to glamour modelling to help him avoid bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Sally is interviewed on Radio Weatherfield but back at home she’s distraught when she takes a phone call from the hospital and is told her latest mammogram shows her cancer has returned.

After hearing at the hospital that Ken’s was deliberately attacked, the Barlows and the residents of Coronation Street speculate on who the perpetrator was.

Roy quizzes Brian on carbon emissions, leaving Brian flustered trying to keep on top of his lies. When Cathy asks Brian out again, he turns her down to spare Roy’s feelings, leaving Cathy disappointed.

Leanne counsels Toyah, who’s struggling to believe Peter stayed sober and faithful. Fiz gets a brainwave when she gives stressed Alya a massage in Underworld.


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