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Ross attempts to track down runaway Debbie in Emmerdale

Emmerdale, Ross Barton

Ross is still heartbroken his girlfriend, Debbie, left him and Emmerdale at Christmas after discovering the truth about the killer pact Ross made with Andy to shoot Andy's reviled brother, Robert, outside The Woolpack.

But Ross refuses to give up hope.

Ross has no idea where Debbie went after driving out of the village with her kids, Sarah and Jack. But the bad boy reckons Debbie's dad Cain does, and secretly steals his phone. Ross uses Cain's mobile to call Debbie. But will she reveal where she is, and if she's ever coming back?

Cain is furious when he discovers Ross has swiped his phone so he can call her. He storms round to confront Ross and the men have a scuffle. But has Ross made things worse and jeopardised his access to his baby son, Moses?

Debbie has left Moses in the care of Cain and his wife, Moira, while she's gone. But Ross and his mum, Emma, don't want to be separated from the child. And it's not long before Emma is scheming a way to get custody of Moses.

Watch what happens in Emmerdale from Monday, January 25 on ITV.


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