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Rosewood season 1 episode 1

ROSEWOOD (FOX) Review - "The new Mentalist?"

Season 1 Episode 1

"I take all major credit cards."

Set against the vibrant backdrop of one of the world's hottest cities - Miami - private pathologist DR. BEAUMONT ROSEWOOD, JR. must crack a case that hits close to home. As he begins his investigation, Detective ANNALISE VILLA gives him a run for his money as they cross paths and are forced to work together to help the Miami PD solve the case.

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Dr. Rosewood, a Private Pathology Consultant, is out for a morning jog. While on his run, he stumbles across a crime scene. Although the lead detective is annoyed by his presence, he convinces them to let him take a look at the deceased victim. Rosewood deduces what led to the victim's ultimate demise.

Rosewood's mother comes to him about a former student of hers. Nora Grayson was a talented young woman and sadly she died in an apparent car crash, but Nora didn’t like driving. The official report on her death claim she was doing over 90 mph on a highway, and Rosewood's mom and the deceased’s family suspected foul play. She asked him to look into it. He goes to have a talk with the detective that closed the case. Rosewood introduces himself to Det. Annalise Villa.

Rosewood became a thorn in the side of Det. Villa. She wanted to handle the investigation on her own, but rosewood was not having it. He shows up at a suspect's house before Villa does. The suspect is an ex-boyfriend. He and the deceased had a nasty breakup. While they are arguing about why he insists on helping her, the suspect takes off running. Det. Villa and Rosewood chase down the possible suspect.

Rosewood’s sister and future sister-in-law had done their thing with the toxicology reports and they found evidence of someone using horse tranquillizer on Nora right before she died. So that meant whoever killed her by first drugging her and then planting a block of dry ice under her foot so that it appeared she was driving.

Evidence was found that proved Nora had been frequently taking motion sickness drugs and that means she was constantly on a boat. Later the strict records at the marina told the detective which boat she was visiting. But when a found a boat and a matching suspect – they walked in on an apparent suicide. It looked like Arthur Briggs had killed himself and that he also wasn’t concerned about leaving his packages of drugs just lying around anymore.

Villa found bags of "black cocaine." Her boss wanted to tie up the case right then and there, but Villa believed that Arthur being a drug dealer that killed Nora in order to keep her from talking was simply too neat. Plus there would have been no need for Nora taking motion sickness pills especially since Arthur’s boat has not moved in the last two years.

Villa and Rosewood visit one of his friends for answers. Rosewood's friend Joo-Joo tells Villa, under a lot of “persuasion” that Arthur and Nora both worked on DJ Prince’s yacht. Nora was a hostess and Arthur drove the yacht itself. But Arthur was also a distributer. So DJ Prince’s yacht was a front.

On the outside, it looked like the perfect place to party but on the inside the DJ was caught up with the cartel.

Villa goes undercover, gets close to DJ Prince, and slips her Bluetooth inside his pocket with 911 on the line. DJ Prince confesses to killing the two victims and trafficking the black cocaine without knowing the authorities were listening in. The case is closed, and Villa-Rosewood duo becomes official.

Rosewood season 1 episode 1

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