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Season 5 Episode 9

"Moving Day"

15 Division helps tenants move out of a condemned subsidized-housing complex...

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The management at a subsidized housing complex needs police help. The building is being torn down and the residents are being moved to a neighboring complex. Several officers are testing body-mounted cameras. Andy is wearing one when an angry resident approaches to say that his bike has been stolen. The conversation becomes heated. Andy threatens to arrest the guy until he finally cools down.

Nick and Gail find a couple of teens, Josh and Brandi, in their apartment. The kids assure them that their mother just went to pick up the moving van. Andy and Chloe find a tenant, Eric, unconscious and bloody. Chloe is knocked down by a suspect fleeing the scene. Andy can’t catch up with the guy. While doing a search for the suspect, Nick and Gail realize Josh and Brandi are the neighborhood bike thieves. They swipe them to help their mom pay the rent.

Oliver lets Nick know that if he can convince the owners of the stolen bikes not to press charges, the kids won’t need to be put into the system. He has until the mom shows up to make this happen. That could be a long time. No one has seen the mom in a year. Nick charges the kids for the bike thefts. It’s the only way he can assure that they won’t be split up into different group homes. He sets them up in a good place. He knows because he spent three years there.

Traci learns that Eric, the unconscious tenant, has been beaten up many times before. The suspect who fled the scene, Aldo Silva, shows up at the hospital. He’s an undocumented worker who doesn’t speak English. He also doesn’t seem like he wants to hurt the victim. That’s because he’s his brother. The victim’s name is Gabriel. He got into a fight with a family member, their cousin.

Some Oxy belonging to another tenant, Barbara Coleman, was found. Andy discovers an odd setup inside the woman’s apartment. It looks as though many, many people were living there. Dov learns that the doctor who has been providing the Oxy has been phoning in the prescriptions. The “Mrs. Coleman” name was just a cover to provide Oxy to the people who were beaten.

Andy asks the doctor to have a chat with Aldo to get him to open up about his mistreatment. They only want to help. The doctor claims Aldo won’t say anything to her. In reality, she threatens him in order to keep his mouth shut or someone named Julia will be killed. Chloe translates her incriminating words that were recorded by Andy’s body cam. The doc is promptly arrested. She’s part of a human trafficking operation with her contractor husband, Luis Suza.

Sam leads a team who busts Luca while transporting a bunch of illegals. One of the men in his van is the younger brother of Aldo and the beating victim. The brothers have been separated from each other for months. A reunion a long time in the making finally takes place right in the middle of the 15 Division.

Chloe gets her final divorce papers from Wes. She needs him to sign one more line. The two of them meet for hot dogs. Wes knows just how she likes hers. It’s just like old times. Wes apologizes for how he was responsible for how things went sideways with their marriage. Then he plants a kiss on Chloe which leaves her a bit off balance. Things get worse when she realizes the surprise smooch was caught on her body cam, or in this instance, a kiss cam. She works hard to delete the footage before Dov sees.

In random news, Chris is in rehab. Gail lets Steve know that she helped the angry bike guy move earlier in the day. The point being that she helped somebody. Nick meets a nice woman in a convenience store who pays for his purchase when he’s short on cash. Andy is jazzed to learn that Sam was unable to make dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant.

She’s a pizza and beer in bed kind of girl anyway. And he’s the kind of guy who actually likes watching The Bachelorette. Who knew?


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