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Season 5 Episode 3

"Heart Breakers, Money Makers"

With Fite Nite looming, Inspector Jarvis sends the officers of 15 Division to seize all “proceeds of crime” – anything purchased with money earned illegally. But when Andy and Nick’s seizure at an illegal gambling house leads to a suspicious confession, Andy recruits Sam to help figure out who’s lying, why, and where the money is, before anyone gets hurt...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Nick trains Duncan for an upcoming boxing match with a rookie from another precinct. It wasn’t all that long ago that Traci was the one representing 15 Division during her first Fite Night. Chris is running the event this year. He introduces Duncan to Bruno Dexter from 34 Division. He’s the extremely tough-looking fellow rookie he’ll be fighting. Duncan is more than a little intimidated. He bails on the fight. This stresses Chris out big time especially when the alcohol order gets screwed up. Chloe gives him a pep talk to help him rally.

The cops of 15 are tasked with recovering items that were purchased illegally as part of a citywide sweep known as Operation Accountability. They are competing with other divisions to see who can bring home the most loot. Duncan serves Geno Jones with a summons to seize a list of items. For his trouble, he’s sucker punched in the face. Geno takes off. The Department of Corrections runs a trace on him, as the guy is wearing a tracking device on his ankle. Duncan calls Sam to speed things along. The cops find him hiding out at an auto repair shop owned by his friend Lee. After a chat with his lawyer, Jones confesses to his illegal gambling ring charges.

Geno signs his typed confession very quickly. Andy doesn’t like any of this. It’s too easy. She and Sam learn that Lee may be threatening his wife, Myrna. Geno may have more money hidden somewhere. Andy and Sam find Lee tied up in the house. The guy says Myrna snapped. She’s looking for the money Geno hid inside his piano. Andy and Sam let husband and wife verbally fight things out in the interrogation room while they make plans to attend a different kind of slugfest.

Dov and Gail arrive at a seize scene at the same time as Chloe’s ex, Wes. They spilt the house search. Dov and Gail find a safe hidden behind a dryer. There are stacks of cash inside. Dov offers to let Wes take the cash for his division while they take the debit cards. They are linked to the Dowling family who use the cards in a skimming scheme that nets them big bucks. During another search, Gail’s conversation with Dov about her relationship with Holly is cut short when they stumble onto a ring of workers performing lots of illegal activity.

Oliver takes the heat when Jarvis comes down hard on Dov and Gail for bucking protocol and interfering in the affairs of specialty task forces. In other news, Gail is skipping Fite Night because she’s meeting Holly’s friends for the first time. She shares a story about the how her partner once got stabbed and she held his bleeding body in her arms. It’s not exactly a happy story, but at least her partner survived.

Gail overhears Holly’s friend badmouthing her, so she heads off to Fite Night solo. She strikes up a friendly conversation with Wes’s partner. Dov has a less-friendly chat with Wes in the restroom. Out in the main boxing area, Nick steps in to fight a bruising Bruno since Duncan bailed. He holds his own for a spell, but his opponent is pretty powerful. Seeing Andy walk in with Sam inspires Nick to press on. That’s a mistake. Nick takes a brutal pummeling at the hands of his opponent. Afterwards, a beaten Nick tells Andy he lost. One gets the sense he’s talking about more than just the fight.


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