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Season 5 Episode 6

"Two Truths and a Lie"

As the officers of 15 Division try to hunt down the killer of Brian Gowdy, Andy and Sam go on the road to interview a list of inmates at Millburn Penitentiary. All are known associates of the prime suspect; one person on that list happens to be none other than Jay Swarek, Sam’s elusive father...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site (Canada)[/button] [button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site (U.S.)[/button]



The body of Brian Gowdy, who was reported missing in “Going Under,” was beaten to death after taking an unknown subject for a test drive of his car. Another man, who owns a similar automobile, reported a suspicious man who showed up to test drive his car. The suspect met both car sellers at the same gas station. Brian Gowdy’s twin, Jim, has no idea who would want to kill his brother.

Sean Harrison matches the description of a potential suspect, but it’s his ex-con pal, Larry Chisholm, who may be the killer. The guy may have been repaying a debt from prison. Sam and Andy head off to have a chat with a few inmates. The ride over to the prison is a bit awkward. Andy suggests they play a game called “two truths and a lie.” One of three things stated by a player is actually a lie. It’s Andy’s way of trying to get Sam to say what’s bugging him. It doesn’t work.

Jim Gowdy may have been the true murder target. He may have foreclosed on the home of an inmate at the penitentiary. Larry Chisholm is picked up at the bus station. Sam is thrilled to get this news. That means they can roll out of the prison. Andy begins to realize why Sam is acting so out of sorts. One of the inmates on the list of those they were to interview has the last name of Swarek. Jay Swarek to be exact. He’s Sam’s father.

Sam doesn’t want to talk about his dad. Andy knows he shuts down whenever life gets in their way. Sam takes a big step by turning over his father’s file. Andy reads through it before the ride back to 15. Also heading back to the station are Nick and Gail, who tells Larry Chisholm that his buddy, Sean, told the cops he loaned him his car. The prisoner is in disbelief. When they pull into the station, Larry smashes the car window and tries to kill himself with a jagged piece of glass.

Sam doesn’t believe the Larry Chisholm they’ve been hearing about is the type of guy who would carry out all the actions attached to him lately. They head back inside the prison to talk to the one man who may be able to shed some light on a few things. Jay Swarek is less-than-forthcoming with information. He’s more interested in taunting Sam, who exits the interrogation area. Andy stays behind to question dear old dad.

Back at the station, Sean’s wife, Kelly, gazes at the evidence board of pictures showing a dead Brian Gowdy. Chris notices that she seems a little spooked. At the prison, Andy learns from Jay that Larry’s pal, Sean, controls him. He had him try to track down the man who was having an affair with his wife. Larry brought Brian Gowdy to Sean. He had no idea that his friend was going to kill him. Before Andy leaves, Jay asks what Sam told her about him. The answer is that this is the first she’s ever heard of him.

Traci and Nick head over to Sean Harrison’s house to make an arrest. They find a distraught and broken Kelly scrubbing the blood off of her rug. She stabbed Sean to death with a knife. He knew she knew he was a killer. He was beating her until she saw the knife. Kelly believes it’s as if Brian placed it there to protect her now that their plans of disappearing to Costa Rica together are no more.

Traci is ticked when her ex, Dex, is MIA for a Leo pickup. It’s because he was in a bar fight. Steve pays him a visit at the hospital. The two of them verbally spar about the custody situation with Leo. Later, Dex shows up at the station. Traci lets him know that no one will ever love Leo like the two of them do. They have a nice moment together that Steve witnesses from afar. In other random relationship news, Gail works on an online dating profile for Nick. Also, Chloe lets Dov know that she knows he fought for her in the hospital.

Sam pays a return visit to the prison. He lays out how he feels about his dad. He lets him know he’s free of the guy. He no longer has to waste one more emotion on him. Sam tells his dad that he forgives him before making his exit. He later tells Andy that he blew his dad’s alibi when the police came looking for Jay on a robbery-assault charge.

Sam lied to make sure his dad would be sent to prison so he’d stop hurting his family. Andy assures Sam that he’s nothing like his dad. The two of them declare that they love each other. A short time later, they are in bed together playing one more round of “two truths and a lie” – the clothing optional version.



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