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Season 5 Episode 5

"Going Under"

When 15 Division goes undercover at a club-land bar that’s a possible hub for illegal handguns, Chris’s erratic behaviour and concern for a specific drug dealer make Dov suspicious. Meanwhile – after learning Duncan has made serious professional allegations against her – Andy decides to help Sam with a missing person’s case that takes a dark turn...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site (Canada)[/button] [button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site (U.S.)[/button]



Chris is struggling to stay awake on duty. He blames it on the night shift hours. He and Dov answer a call to break up a bar brawl. Chris ends up wailing on one of the drunken frat boys involved in the fight. He claims he has the situation under control. Dov disagrees when he finds a gun on the other drunk. He’s advised by Chloe to have a chat with his pal. If only he knew about the meetings Chris has been having with a dealer, Jamie, who is getting impatient about the money he’s owed for services rendered.

The gun found on the frat boy was purchased illegally. An undercover operation is set up to shut down the operation at the bar where the deals are made. A local bartender name Angelo is an integral clog in the illegal gun operation. Chris is on point to make an undercover buy. Dov and Nick are to serve as backup. After a few tense moments, Chris is in.

Nick makes small talk with a pretty bartender named Essie. Traci and Steve listen in on their flirting from afar and dissect their colleague’s game.  Elsewhere, Chris convinces Dov to stay focused on the case at hand when his partner notices his dealer trying to do business in the bar. The wheels are set in motion for an exchange. Chris drops a wad of money in the bathroom. He turns off his wire. Moments later his dealer enters with a threat that Chris better pay up soon. A short time after that, the gun deal is set to take place in a back alley.

As Chris waits for the exchange, Jamie shows up. Dov realizes the gun deal isn’t happening. He moves in. This forces Chris to place Jamie under arrest. He whispers to his dealer to just go along with what’s happening. He wants to kick him loose, but it’s too late for that. Inside the bar, Nick sees that the money that was dropped is gone. He’s ordered stay inside the bar to see what he can find out.

Chris convinces Jamie to become a confidential informant to get out of the mess, but Steve orders that the guy be charged with simple possession anyway. A panicked Chris dumps the drugs and replaces what was in the container with baking soda. He’s able to hide what he’s doing from Steve and a suspicious Dov. Jamie is eventually set free. Back at the bar, Nick has no choice but to arrest the cute bartender when he realizes she’s trafficking in illegal firearms along with Angelo.

Gail is being pushed to turn in her report on the murder that took place in “Wanting.” She’s been avoiding this by buying nice things and then giving them away. She eventually turns in the report. Oliver realizes that something is up with Gail. It’s the little girl whose mother was killed. Oliver breaks the news that everything is going to hurt a little more now. It’s actually a good thing. It’s a human thing. The two of them share a nice hug.

Duncan is not going quietly into the night after his badge is taken away. He’s filing serious allegations against 15 Division. Andy is told to stay away from the litigious little rookie. She takes her mind off her woes by joining Sam in a possible missing persons case. Brian Gowdy, a teacher, hasn’t been seen in three days. He’s been emptying his bank account for weeks. All signs indicate he’s a grown-up runaway, which sounds pretty appealing to Andy at the moment.

Brian Gowdy made three different trips to Costa Rica recently. That’s because he got a new job there. This leads to a conversation between Andy and Sam as to where they’d run away to if given the opportunity. A further chat about all the frivolous complaints out there has Andy admitting that she left stuff out of her reports on Duncan. He was much worse than she let on.

As for the runaway teacher, he was selling his car online at the same time as another man who was threatened by someone who thought he was Brian Gowdy. Andy and Sam check out the area where the other car owner was threatened. They find an abandoned automobile in the lot. Inside the trunk is a dead body.



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