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Season 5 Episode 1


With Sam headed into the O.R. and Chloe in critical care, Andy and Dov try to take a break from the night’s traumatic events (Season 4 finales and head to an all-night diner to pull themselves together. But their desire to regroup and “not be cops tonight” is thwarted when two violent and agitated 20-somethings hold up the diner. Meanwhile, the other exhausted officers of 15 Division struggle to contain the collateral damage from the evening’s chaos – under the watchful eye of tough new Inspector, John Jarvis. Knowing he’s needed at the station, Nick goes rogue to track down Sam Swarek's next of kin. And in the end, Andy must face both the men she cares about, and share her heart-wrenching decision...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Sam is rushed into surgery after being shot at the station by Kevin Ford. Oliver is sleeping as he recovers from his injuries. Chloe’s surgery went well even though she still has a blood clot that could kill her. She asks to spend some time with her husband, Wes. This has Dov feeling like he needs to get some air. Frank orders him to get a bite to eat with Andy. Grilled cheeses and Irish floats are on the menu.

Andy admits to Dov that she told Sam she loves him while he was bleeding out. There’s not a lot of time to explore this issue when a couple high on drugs pulls out guns for an impromptu robbery. Neither Andy nor Dov have their weapons on them. The robbers, Zach and Courtney, decide to keep everyone hostage until the timer on the safe opens in an hour.

A pregnant woman, who has no clue about the situation, comes into the diner to order a milkshake. Dov makes it so she can be on her way. A note for help penned by the diner owner is intercepted. This leads to him getting pistol-whipped after the pregnant woman leaves. The situation escalates when the robbers learn that Andy and Dov are cops. The diner’s waitress pulls out a shotgun. BANG! She shoots Zach. He’s dying. Zach wants Courtney to tell his mom that he loves her. Andy promises they will do so just before he dies on the floor.

Inspector John Jarvis assigns the case of the shooting at 15 to Traci and Steve. They need to interview Nick. Too bad no one can find him. He’s headed somewhere in his police cruiser and not answering his cell. Nick has gone rogue in an attempt to find Sam’s next of kin. He tracks down Sara Swarek, Sam’s sister. She agrees to be there for her brother even though the two of them aren’t close.

Oliver sneaks out of his room to visit Chloe. Neither of them can figure out why Dov isn’t answer his phone. Chloe takes a turn for the worse. Dov finally gets the message that she’s in trouble. He races back to the hospital. Chloe has gone into cardiac arrest. The doctors work to save her. Thankfully, they are able to bring her back. Chloe awakens to let Dov know that she sent Wes home. She only wants to be with him.

Gail drowns her sorrows in alcohol. She also chops off lots of her hair. Each inch of her golden locks tells a story in her life. She has an instant case of barber’s remorse. Holly helps her finish the job to make her new hairdo somewhat presentable. The two of them share a kiss when all the cutting is done. Then they enjoy a shower together, but don’t bother to get undressed.

Leo’s babysitter drops him off at the station in the middle of the night. This has her ex, Dex, threatening to call his lawyer. Steve offers to help Traci through her current mess. After all, he loves kids. He also loves Traci. He wants everything that comes with her. Steve goes behind Traci’s back to order a background check on Dex.

Inspector Jarvis tells Frank there are two ways to spin what went down at the station. One scenario paints the officers of 15 as a group of heroes while the other portrays them as a bunch of screw-ups. Jarvis needs fall guy, so Frank offers up his badge. Back at the hospital, Andy admits to Nick that she told Sam she still loves him. It wasn’t just something she said. Sam awakens let Andy know that he doesn’t want to waste any more time. He doesn’t want to be sad anymore. Neither does Andy.


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