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Season 5 Episode 2

"All by Her Selfie"

In the wake of Frank Best’s dismissal, Inspector Jarvis promotes a reluctant Oliver to Acting Staff Sergeant. Today is also the day 15 Division gets a new rookie, Duncan Moore – an infuriating, eager, and connected millennial. Andy is up for the challenge and convinces Oliver to make her Duncan’s Training Officer. But she may have acted too quickly… When Andy and Duncan end up as the first responders on a messy downtown homicide at a pawnshop, Andy has to try to show Duncan the ropes, while preventing him from compromising the case, himself, and his fellow officers. Meanwhile, Sam’s sister, Sarah, is ready to leave his bedside, but not until she gives Andy some harsh and cautionary words about what to expect in the long run with Sam Swarek...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



With Frank Best being dismissed from the job, Inspector Jarvis makes Oliver 15’s new staff sergeant. An intoxicated Andy lets Sam in on the news. Their conversation is cut short when his sister, Sarah, pops in to say goodbye. Her train leaves in the morning. She was hoping things would be different with Sam this time around. They aren’t. There’s too much hurt and history regarding the past with their father.

Duncan Moore is the newest rookie at 15. Andy offers to train him. Oliver gives his okay in front of Jarvis, who now wants to peruse the McNally file. Duncan takes a selfie before heading out on his first patrol. The two of them check out a situation at a pawn store. A transient is asleep on the floor when they arrive. Andy deems him harmless and orders Duncan to let him go. A deeper search finds the owner of the shop, Bill Power, dead in the cellar.

Traci orders Andy to locate the homeless guy they initially found at the crime scene. A deduction by Duncan helps them track the guy down. His name is Sheldon. Holly believes the dead pawn shop owner may have died of heart failure after being tied up. Andy doesn’t believe Sheldon is responsible even though he knows the shop owner was one to cheat his customers.

Duncan is incredibly insensitive when he gives the death notification to the murder victim’s wife. He blurts out the news and his cell phone keeps going off in front of the grieving widow. The hits just keep on coming when Traci informs Andy that her rookie contaminated the crime scene by handling the golf club that was used in the robbery. Now this case could take weeks or even months to close.

A witness says a customer was upset with Power because he sold his property before the contract date. There’s valuable hockey ring that’s still up for auction on Power’s website. It belonged to a man named Ray Spencer, who has a record. In other news, Andy learns that Duncan’s stepfather is the police commissioner. The two of them head off to apologize to the widow of the murder victim.

Duncan enters the Power home. He finds a man named Ray inside. Duncan doesn’t perceive him to be a threat, so he blurts out that Bill Power is dead. He eventually realizes that Ray is the one who broke into the pawn shop. The situation escalates. Ray pulls a sword and Duncan draws his gun. It’s a tense situation. Andy enters the scene. She calms everyone down.

Andy orders Duncan to find the guy’s ring while she listens to Ray’s story. By the time he finishes speaking, the ring is found. Andy returns it to Ray, who promptly surrenders. Andy then lectures Duncan about how he’s not ready to be out there alone. She may or may not write him up. It’ll depend on how much he annoys her on the ride back.

In random updates, Traci completes her goal of working an eight-hour day. She’s able to get Leo to his hockey game on time. Dov visits a still-recovering Chloe, who explains that she was a different person when she was with Wes. She let herself be controlled. That’s why she never mentioned him. She was embarrassed. Duncan lies to Jarvis that he had a good first day and that he’s meeting some of the guys for beers. Finally, Sarah warns Andy that her brother will never change. He’ll just keep hurting her.


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