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Robson Green: James Norton and I got mobbed filming Grantchester

Robson Green: James Norton and I got mobbed filming Grantchester

Grantchester star Robson Green has revealed how he and War and Peace heart-throb James Norton attracted more than a little attention while filming the new series of the Cambridgeshire-set 1950s ITV detective drama.

"James and I got mobbed when we popped into town after filming,” he told “I’m used to going out in the sticks where I never see anyone, but it was full on. It shocked James. Women of a certain age were all over him, it was hysterical."

Robson, who plays plain-speaking Inspector Geordie Keating in the series, added that while he “hated” James in a way, “because he’s so talented and handsome”, he himself didn’t have that “hunger” any more. “I don’t want to go to LA or anything. I love working, but also cherish the time I get to spend at home with my son,” he explained.

He had no doubt, however, that James, who can also currently be seen as Tommy Lee Royce in BBC1’s Happy Valley, “has an amazing career ahead”.

Robson, 51, also has another outing this week as Further Tales from Northumberland returns for a third instalment. In this week’s opening episode the former Soldier Soldier star takes to the skies to get a bird's-eye view of the region when he’s given a lesson in flying a glider at a former RAF training base at Milfield.

Robson says he feel lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful landscape. “It’s why I’m rubbish in cities now. In areas where there’s no greenery, I feel very repressed."

Further Tales from Northumberland begins on Monday 29 February at 8pm on ITV

Grantchester begins on Wednesday March 2 at 9pm on ITV

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