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Robot Wars: Series 10 Episode 3 Battle Recaps - BBC Two

A battle recap of Robot Wars Episode 3.


10 of the most destructive-looking robots from series 8

CAUTION: not suitable for letting loose in your lounge.


Weapon: spinning blade

Carbide has a powerful 25kg, 85cm long horizontal bar spinner made from plate steel normally used as armour on military tanks. At its maximum speed, the impact of a hit from Carbide’s blade has 60 times more energy than a sniper bullet. Operating at 20 horsepower, it can reach 2300rpm.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 110kg
Defence 4.5mm military grade steel / 8mm aerospace grade aluminium
Top speed 12mph
Drive system 2x 1.5 horse-power electric motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium-Polymer, 58.8 volts
Biggest weakness Carbide has never been tested in battle as the team have considered it too dangerous.


Weapon: spinning drum with metal teeth

Pulsar’s weapon is a ‘single tooth’ drum flywheel with an aerospace aluminium core. The weapon weighs 14.5kg and rotates at up to 9000rpm (or 220mph), the fastest in the series. Pulsar’s flywheel beats the air 140 times a second, which generates a siren-like sound, and the stored kinetic energy surpasses that of a .50cal sniper rifle bullet. The team say Pulsar will be able to toss opponents into the air simply by force of the weapon. The robot has a number of 3D printed parts inside and has a unique drive system, featuring modern sensor-less brushless electric motors intended for large model aircraft.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 107kg
Defence 8mm wear-resistant steel (front plate + chassis), 4.5mm ultra-hard steel (top + base plates), polyethylene plastic wheel guards.
Top speed 15mph
Drive system Modern sensor-less brushless electric motors, custom two-stage reduction gearbox
Power Electric
Battery Lithium Polymer, 50 volts
Biggest weakness Pulsar’s wheels are relatively exposed from behind, with only thick plastic armour to shield them


Weapon: double-ended axe

Terrorhurtz is a polycarbonate-armoured robot with the biggest axe in the competition - a 90cm long, Titanium, high-power axe, which fires at 100mph and generates one tonne of force. The team’s axe is intentionally blunt, as they are trying to ensure maximum trauma to the interior working of their competitor’s robots rather than puncture their armour (although they think that may happen too).

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 107kg
Defence 6mm of wear resistant steel, with 12mm of polycarbonate
Top speed 11mph
Drive system 2x 1000 watt, 24 volt motors
Power Pneumatic
Battery Lithium-Polymer, 26 volts
Biggest weakness The team’s biggest worry is that the bullet-proof polycarbonate armour could be susceptible to powerful spinners, which they’ve tried to combat by adding more armour.

M.R. Speed Squared

Weapon: full 360° spinning wheel

M.R. Speed Squared has an enormous full-body kinetic energy disc. They have interchangeable weapons which they can attach to the disc depending on their opponents’ weakness. These include heavy weights and spikes. M.R Speed Squared’s weapon fully protects the body and wheels of the robot, but could be susceptible to attacks from an axe. This is the only robot in the competition with a 360° full body spinner.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 110kg
Defence Rubber-mounted 3mm aluminium over 3mm steel frame
Top speed 8mph
Drive system 2x 0.75kW hospital trolley motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium Polymer
Biggest weakness The disk could be its own worst enemy, and if the wrong type of contact was made with another robot, it could end up destroying itself.

King B Remix

Weapon: flipper & ram

A previous Robot Wars competitor, under the name King Buxton, King B Remix is a Flipper and Ram-bot which has been rebuilt using “the best parts and philosophies from each of its previous evolutions,” with 30% of its current make-up dating back to 1998. King B Remix uses its front steel spikes to ram opponents at 14mph, and sometimes uses flipper robot opponents as launch pads to ‘take to the air.’ It has never taken more than an afternoon to repair any damage made to King B – except on one occasion where it was almost cut in half by Sir Killalot (Series Five).

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 100kg
Defence 16mm of polycarbonate (top), Maganese Steel (front and rear), 16mm Ultra High Molecular Weight Polymer (rear)
Top speed 15mph
Drive system 4-wheel drive from 2 x 1.8k watt hand-wound motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate, 40 volts
Biggest weakness Crushing/Gripping robots are a worry for the team due to King B Remix’s exposed wheels.


Weapon: spinning disc

Supernova is a powerful spinner robot, whose blade rotates at 2,500rpm and is made from 22kg of 12mm of steel. The blade is so powerful that it bent upon testing. The team believe their blade can reach its full spinning potential much faster than most other robots of its type due to the powerful motor they’ve fitted, rendering it an immediate threat to its opponents.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 94kg
Defence 5-10mm of aluminium alloy
Top speed 10mph
Drive system 2x 1 horsepower motors
Power Electric
Battery Lithium Polymer, 50 volts
Biggest weakness Due to the sheer power of its disc, the team have never fully tested its capabilities in battle as they consider it to be too dangerous


Weapon: pneumatic lifting scoop

A large, powerful and manoeuvrable bulldozer-shaped robot with a pneumatic lifting scoop/bucket (operating at 10 bar) that can lift a Peugeot 205 off the ground. The robot is also powerful enough to tow a Land Rover.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 108.5kg
Defence 7mm of Grade 5 Titanium (weapon), with 3mm of Stainless Steel side armour
Top speed 14mph
Drive system 6-wheel drive, chain-driven, 2.5 horsepower motors
Power Pneumatic, low-pressure (1200kPa)
Battery Lithium-Iron-Phosphate, 28 volts
Biggest weakness Behemoth’s main weakness is its thin side armour. To allow for a stronger front weapon


Weapon: spinner

Ironside 3 has the longest and heaviest spinning bar weapon in the competition – one metre long and weighing 35kg (about a third of its whole weight). The bar spins at 1,500rpm – which is three times the speed of a helicopter’s blade (an average of 460 rpm). Due to the extreme gyroscopic effect that the blade has at full pace, the robot will appear to ‘dance’ and generate sparks every time it hits the floor.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 109kg
Defence 5mm wear-resistant steel
Top speed 12mph
Drive system 2x brushed DC motors on 22 volts
Power Electric
Battery 4 Lithium Polymer, 22 volts
Biggest weakness The weapon motor has not been spun up with the blade on as they had nowhere that was safe enough to test it

Crazy Coupe 88

Weapon: blade spinner on front with small rear disc spinner

A two wheeled robot with twin rotating weapons – including a 17 inch horizontal spinner which rotates at 2450rpm and a rear vertical spinner which can also act as a lifter. The robot is fully invertible and so can work upside down. The team think having a weapon at both end of the robot will give it an advantage in fights. Its drive system features two scooter motors.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 101kg
Defence 3mm aluminium checker plate, over Kevlar/Carbon-Fibre under armour
Top speed 8mph
Drive system 2x 800 watt scooter motors
Power Electric
Battery 8x Lithium Polymer
Biggest weakness The team think that its large ground clearance could leave it vulnerable to flippers


Weapon: hydraulic piercer / lifter

Razer is a wedge-shaped robot with a ripping hydraulic piercer which applies three tonnes of pressure – more than the weight of an adult hippopotamus. Razer was created in 1998, and is one of the most iconic returning robots from the previous Robot Wars series, with the most wins (41) of any robot to compete on the show.

Attribute Value / notes
Weight 109kg
Defence 2.5mm of hardened steel, with a 5mm shield
Top speed 12mph
Drive system Four-wheel drive, tank-track style
Power Hydraulic
Battery Lithium-Polymer, 12 volts
Biggest weakness If Razer was flipped, the team say they do have a relatively slow self-righting mechanism. The team are worried it would leave them susceptible to attack


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