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Season 1 Episode 1

"The Hunt"

Journey through a dying kingdom with the enigmatic Riese in this online series...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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In a far-away land, a young princess named Riese is fleeing for her life. The tyrannous religious organization, The Sect, infiltrated her coronation, slaughtered her family and placed the wicked and vengeful Amara on the throne. Amara's rule is tenuous, however: an uprising, led by the fierce and loyal Rand - who knows Riese is alive - is baring its teeth at the unjust rule of The Sect, leaving a bloody path behind them.

Riese's only companion is her wolf, Fenrir, a loyal friend and formidable fighter. Wolves were, under the rule of Riese's family, revered and respected friends and warriors. But, being symbols of the royal family, Amara has ordered them to be eradicated.

Amara has placed her most ruthless hunter on Riese's trail: The half-human, half-machine Herrick. The princess is wounded and exhausted from days of evading the scientifically murderous Herrick. She and Fenrir battle a throng of Herrick's thugs, and narrowly survive. Riese knows she hasn't long to live if she doesn't rest soon. She sends Fenrir into the woods for his own protection and finds a nearby township called Helmkin. She requests entry, but the guard denies her passage, citing their harvest as the excuse for his inhospitality. Riese, however, exhausted past comprehension, collapses on the ground at his feet.


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