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Season 2 Episode 14

"Fear and Loathing"

Doyle hits Willoughby, Peter threatens Aaron and Priscilla, and Monroe and Connor are forced to fight to the death....


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Revolution Revolution

When Gould chains Monroe and Connor into a pen with the goal of having them fight to the death, Charlie seeks out Duncan to ask for help rescuing them. As Duncan takes Charlie prisoner, Monroe begins outlining his physical weaknesses, training Connor to kill him. Connor refuses to play ball, so Monroe says, "You should want to kill me because I killed your mother." In a fury, Connor beats Monroe with a metal pipe, finally earning his father's praise. Later, Monroe apologizes. He loved Connor's mother, but the truth is he hurt a lot of people while clawing his way to the top. When he finally got there, he was alone - which is why he needs Connor to survive and regain the Republic. Then all his deeds will translate into something bigger than himself. For Monroe, it's worth the price of death. Begging Connor to kill him, Monroe asks only one more thing: Connor should find a girl - not Charlie - and have kids so he won't be alone.


Revolution Revolution

Miles, Rachel, Neville and Jason spy on the Patriots, who are loading barrels into the quarantine camp. Jason knows what it all means: Doyle is building a re-education camp, where cadets will be locked into barrels for 17 to 18 hours at a stretch. Nevertheless, Neville and Jason don't say a word when Victor Doyle shows up. But Rachel knows he's the guy to watch, so Miles proposes they pick him up. Unable to trust Neville, Miles doesn't want Rachel on the mission.



Under cover of darkness, Miles, Neville and Jason lie in wait for a covered wagon filled with heavily armed Patriots. Doyle orders his men to be sure to take Miles alive. But Miles knows the wagon is too heavy, so he turns his gun on Neville, telling him to let the wagon roll by.


Revolution Revolution

That's when Jason aims his gun at Miles and Rachel steps out of the woods with her rifle. Finally, Neville admits the truth: he has to hand over Monroe to Doyle to save Julia's life.



When Miles refuses to give up Monroe, Neville scoffs. They all know Monroe can't be trusted - is Miles crazy?


Revolution Revolution

Over in Lubbock, Aaron, Priscilla and Peter start having visions. In the form of Cynthia, the nanites plead, "Save us!" After some thought, Aaron acknowledges there must be a mistake in the code. Peter insists that all the events of the last few months have brought them together to fix the code - they are truly blessed. The nano is better than God, and it is ushering in a new age! Claiming the nano is too powerful, Priscilla refuses to help repair the code. If they don't fix it, the nano will die. Aaron agrees that Peter is nuts, but insists the nanites are too powerful to cross. He doesn't want any more bad things to happen. Just as he tells Priscilla he can't bear to lose her, a violent lightning storm crackles outside. When it comes to the nanites, they may not have a choice.


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Duncan apologizes to Gould - she had no idea Monroe would try to rip off his diamonds. To square things up, she turns Charlie over to Gould and his men. As she's chained to a bed in a whorehouse, Charlie overhears Gould planning to have Duncan killed that night at the fight. Charlie's first customer is all she needs to escape. When night falls, Gould starts taking bets as all of New Vegas assembles for the main event, which takes place in a chained cage. Charlie enters the arena just in time to save Duncan from Gould's assassin.


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Just as it looks like the death match is going to reach Monroe's preferred conclusion, Duncan's men start shooting up the place. Duncan puts a bullet in Gould's head as Charlie unlocks the cage and leads Connor and Monroe to safety at Duncan's camp. To repay Charlie for saving her life, Duncan hands over five of her mercenaries - who are instructed to answer only to Charlie.


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Having finally convinced Priscilla to help repair the code, Aaron asks Peter where to start. Suddenly, a long defunct computer whirs to life, displaying the code in question. Aaron manages to identify a memory leak that is crashing the system. Priscilla tries to convince him not to fix it, but Aaron claims he doesn't have a choice. That's when Cynthia makes herself visible to all three of them, begging Aaron not to kill the nanites. After punching out Peter, Aaron's fingers fly across the keyboard, creating a virus meant to kill the nanites. Lights flicker on and off, then explode as Aaron blacks out.


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Moments later, an alarm clock goes off, and Aaron wakes up on March 5, 2014 - back when everything was right with the world. Or if it wasn't right, at least the power was on...





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