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Season 1 Episode 6


Maggie turns to a person from the past for answers about the mystery; Rachael's secret ends up in the wrong hands; Bellamy and Pastor Tom try to reassure residents of Arcadia...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




Tensions are high now that Caleb has disappeared. Sheriff Fred refuses to give up his quest to find out what happened to his prisoner. He gives Elaine the news about her father. He later has a verbal showdown with Gary, who threatens to start doing his job for him. As for Elaine, she’s feeling down until a friendly chat with police detective Andrew Chartman makes her feel good about herself.

Marty isn’t thrilled to learn that Maggie called an old professor, Eric Ward, who works for NIH. Nevertheless, he agrees to meet with the guy, who promises to be discreet. Ward discovers a pattern regarding where all of the returned individuals were found. Their latitudes sync up. This means it may be possible to predict where the next person may show up.

Ward has a chat with Jacob. He wants the entire family to come to Bethesda to have lab work done on the boy. If there’s any place on the planet that can stop Jacob from disappearing like Caleb, it’s the place he works for. Henry and Lucille are torn about this. Neither of them can lose Jacob again.

One of Fred’s pals, Paul, shows him a hidden room filled with lots of weapons. He just wanted to let the sheriff know that they have his back. Fred appreciates this, but warns they have a protocol that needs to be followed. He returns home to dig out an old wedding ring. Fred places it in a small dish on the side of his bed.

Rachael lets Tom know that she’s pregnant. This is understandably upsetting to Janine, who knows her husband has always wanted to have a baby. Helen approaches her at the church offering to listen to her plight. A short time later, she shows up at Rachael’s hotel room trying to scare her into leaving town. Racheal calls Marty to let him know Helen may be planning something terrible.

It’s a full house as Tom steps up to begin his church service. He speaks off the cuff about the events that have happened in their community recently. He opens the floor for questions. Tom warns they must not succumb to fear. Gary storms into the church. He gets the crowd all riled up. Marty tries to calm down them down. Tom orders everyone to take a seat. He says they need to stand together as one. The crowd seems to be coming around until Helen blurts out what she knows about Racheal. Once word gets out that she’s pregnant by the pastor, there’s a mass exodus.

Henry and Lucille decide against sending Jacob with Dr. Ward for further research. Life has no guarantees. Henry wants to cherish any time that he does have with his son, especially after what happened with Caleb.

There’s a major rift at home between Janine and her husband. She knows that Tom is still in love with this woman from his past. Speaking of Rachael, she’s tricked into getting into a police car. Gary hops into the backseat. He forces Rachael to enter a cabin in a remote area. What plans he has for her remain to be seen.



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