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Season 1 Episode 5


Bellamy tries to keep Jacob safe but his past interferes; Elaine must find where Caleb hid the money...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]




Insomnia plagues the local residents of Arcadia. Jacob wanders into his parents’ room (where only Henry is sleeping) and asks his father to come check his windows. “You’re safe,” Henry promises Jacob. Over at Pastor Tom’s house, both Tom and his wife can’t sleep. Janine apologizes for acting like a controlling and manipulative woman. She knows how hard it was for him to tell Rachael to leave. Tom says Rachael went to visit her family in Tennessee.

Agent Bellamy has a nightmare involving Jacob and a child from his past.Bellamy and Jacob get surprise visitors.

Since he isn’t able to sleep, he goes to the local jail and visits Caleb Richards. Caleb had a second chance at life. How could he throw it away and kill a man? Marty leaves with no answers and runs into Sheriff Langston who has bad news: the FBI is looking into the bank robbery now. To protect Jacob, Marty must find the missing money to keep the FBI away.

Meanwhile, Maggie does her best to comfort Elaine, who is devastated by her father’s arrest and being fired from her job, while deputies search her house for the stolen money. Maggie assures her friend that she is strong -- and she doesn’t have to face any of this alone. And over at the Langstons, Henry and Lucille reconcile after Henry admits he needs to let go of the Jacob from all those years ago.

Turns out, Rachael isn’t off visiting her family in Tennessee. Tom has put her up at a motel. He visits and brings her food and clothes. When Rachael gets lightheaded, Tom is concerned. He calls Maggie and tells her the news of the latest resurrection. She agrees to examine Rachael -- and is stunned to discover that Rachael is pregnant! It must have happened before she died. “Please don’t tell Tom,” Rachael pleads. “Please don’t tell anyone.” Maggie keeps Rachael's secret, but she does call a friend in the NIH for help with these new cases.

Over at the police department, Marty and Sheriff Fred try to get Caleb to come clean about where he hid the money. He’s onto them, though. They are just trying to protect Jacob. When Fred and Marty realize they aren’t going to get the information they need, they turn to leave. “More are coming,” Caleb warns. “More than you can ever imagine.”

Marty then visits Elaine. If he’s going to find that money, he needs her help. She reluctantly agrees to visit Caleb.Sheriff Fred and Agent Bellamy watch as Elaine visits her father in prison and confronts him about all he's done. Sheriff Fred realizes Caleb is trying to pass his daughter a message. Meanwhile, Elaine learns that Caleb knew he died all along.

Elaine eventually finds the money. Caleb hid it for her. But Elaine doesn’t want any part of her father or the money, so she hands it over to Marty. With the stolen money in hand, Marty goes back to Caleb, who claims to have answers about the mystery boy Marty was dreaming about earlier -- the one that haunts him. But first he needs water as he is battling a coughing fit. When Marty turns to get the water, Caleb vanishes into thin air. He’s gone.

Marty rushes to the Langston's house. If Caleb disappeared, what does that mean for Jacob? He’s relieved to find Jacob playing in the backyard with his parents, but when he goes to tell the Langstons that Caleb vanished, Jacob already knows. “He’s gone, isn’t he?” Jacob says.


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