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Season 1 Episode 3

"Two Rivers"

Exhuming Jacob's grave only deepens the mystery of his return. Henry struggles to accept that Jacob is really the son he lost 30 years ago. Bellamy and Maggie search for a connection between Jacob and Caleb's deaths and wonder if the local river may hold a clue. Their digging also unearths Caleb's criminal past - he robbed the bank his daughter Elaine works at just days before his death. Pastor Tom's life is changed forever by a shocking turn of events...

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Marty and Maggie find Jacob’s remains in his coffin. The shirt that’s inside matches the one that was worn when the living boy was found. The tag in the collar has a faded name written on it in marker. The tag on the shirt that was worn by the living boy has the same marking only it’s not faded. Jacob asks Marty if he’s like Caleb. He had a dream where they both turned to dust.

Caleb is rinsing off a bloody hammer when Marty stops by to announce that he looked into his checkered past. Caleb says he’s not eager talking about how he died. He gets rather emotional, but it’s all an act. Marty wants to know why he told Jacob to lie. The reason is because he doesn’t want the kid to be poked and prodded until he says what everyone wants to hear. Marty warns Caleb to stay away from Jacob.


Henry goes to see Maggie after he gets a severe muscle cramp in his hand. He learns that they found Jacob’s remains in the coffin. Everything was normal. When Henry leaves, Marty asks Maggie what she remembers about Caleb’s death. He asks her to show him the hunting shack where he was found. They pass the river spot where Jacob and her mother died. They later come by the spot where they spread Caleb’s ashes. Maggie wonders is the river is the connection.


BANG! A gunshot rings out from the woods. Marty draws his gun, but holsters it when he sees it’s only some hunters. One of the men, Greg, knows Maggie. He tells her to not get into any trouble. When Marty and Maggie reach the shack, they find many large holes in the ground. Someone was looking for something. Marty finds a mask in one of the holes just as he spots Ray, who says the man pretending to be his dad is the one who dug the holes. He knows who he really is.


Ray says a dam flooded the day his dad died. Three counties over, a small aircraft crashed in a field. Ray thinks it was actually a spaceship and the man pretending to be his dad is an alien. Marty humors him while asking to borrow his newspaper clippings—one of which has an article about a bank robbery. He believes Caleb may have robbed the bank. Marty wants to talk to his friend Dale, but desires a dinner date with Maggie first.


Henry is still having trouble accepting Jacob, but the two of them get to work on building some small boats. Henry recalls the past when he first did this with his son. He then has another spasm where he cuts his arm. The nice moment Henry was sharing with Jacob come to an abrupt end. Maggie cancels her date with Marty to tend to her uncle’s arm. As for Marty, he finds Dale’s dead body on the floor of his home.

Henry had these arm and hand symptoms before right after Jacob died. He blamed himself for that because he’s the one who taught his son to love the river. He says he never let Jacob go in his mind and heart. He angers Lucille when he declares that she did. Later, Henry tucks in a sleeping Jacob. He gazes at the pirate ship they built before exiting the bedroom. He passes Lucille in the hall. She won’t be sleeping in their room tonight.

Fred asks Jacob if the man he saw with his Aunt Barbara pushed her in. The answer is no. He tried to save her. Fred asks, “What are you?” This makes Jacob uncomfortable. Later, Fred goes to a bar in a town called Newton. He talks about how he has the urge to hunt down the man who had an affair with his wife. It’s a loud enough declaration for everyone at the bar to hear including one man who has a nervous look on his face right after Fred leaves.


Elaine gets emotional during a moment with her father. It’s been so long since someone took care of her. Caleb assures her they’ll figure out what to do with Ray. In other news, Helen, one of the influential townspeople, talks to Pastor Tom about Lucille. She gets the board together to agree to ban Jacob from the church. Tom can’t believe this is happening. The shocks continue when he finds a woman sitting alone in the church. It’s someone he knows. Her name is Rachael. She had nowhere else to go. She asks, “Did I really die, Tom?”


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