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Season 2 Episode 6


Ashley asks Ray to go to bat for her friend Steve Knight, a self-help guru who beat up a waiter. Avi and Lena help Ray make contact with Volcheck to seek his aid in taking down Cochran. Mickey gets a stipend from Ray, but hopes for a bigger payday when he meets with movie exec Debra Gerson. And Bridget argues with Ray and Abby about a gift from Marvin...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Mickey meets with a movie executive while Ray reaches out to Volcheck in the hopes of taking down Cochran.

Ed doesn't just lust after Volcheck's wife. He engages in sex with her in front of Volcheck and Holly.

Abby texts Jim to tell him she's going to the range moments before she confronts Bridget about the earring.

Bridget tells Abby she hears her crying every night and considers her a victim.

Mickey gets money from Lena -- $50 a week -- and he's very angry about the amount.

Terry visits the doctor and although he seems visibly, the doctor says his medication is working. He asks Frances to finish up. Ouch. Terry wants to tell her what really happened that night.

Ray is told he can't afford the house because his accountant can't cover up the cash flow.

Lena makes a pass at Volcheck at the pool, ultimately to get him together with Ray.

Bunchy calls Patty and she asks him over for dinner. Bunchy asks about Cliff's bike.

Ray asks Volcheck if he likes watching Ed screw his wife. Ray offers "Tommy" Volcheck a way out.

Ashley calls Ray on behalf of a friend in trouble.

Frances goes to Terry's.

Ashley's "friend" loves her and wants to leave his wife for her. He's some sort of self-help guru who tied a dude up in the closet. He doesn't want to lose millions.  Steve Knight.

Ray is oddly intrigued by Steve Knight and his idea of turning off the past for five hours for "radical honesty" during his Fight for Your Life seminar.

Mickey wants the diseased dude to get a life insurance policy. The dude gets down on one knee and proposes and they fall apart with laughter.

Terry gets some help from Pie for Bunchy and his date. Viagra. Pop goes the weasel.

Mickey visits with the Paramount exec.

Ray buys Steve's book on tape and calls Abby, asking her out for dinner with an apology.

Terry plans a new life for him and Frances in Ireland and asks her to marry.

Ray persuades FBI agent Tom to continue with his plan.

Tom Volcheck tries to make it up to Donna by calling and telling her she reminds him of a girl in high school who broke his heart.

Patty washes Bunchy's hair.

Ray shows up to the restaurant for dinner without knowing if Abby will join him.

Just as Bunchy takes the Viagra, Cliff comes home from his sleepover. They then retire to the couch to watch TV where Cliff puts his head in Bunchy's lap.

Abby meets Jim and they start kissing.

Ray's watching the Cochrans and the Volchecks in his own private porno.

Ashley wants to thank Ray for his help.

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