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Season 1 Episode 5


When chef and restaurant owner Alberto Rinaldi (guest star Michael Imperioli) is accused of bigamy, Keegan has to find a way to convince the jury that his love for his wives should not be a crime. But when details surrounding Rinaldi’s other romantic relationships surface, a tough case becomes even more difficult. Meanwhile, Mikki asks for Keegan’s help when one of her old clients (guest star Bruce Thomas) starts harassing her, and Scarlet gets herself into some legal trouble of her own....


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rake 105

Keegan meets with his new client, chef Alberto Rinaldi.


rake 1051

Alberto doesn't understand why the police care about him and his two wives.


rake 1052

Alberto is in love with both wives and never wanted to divorce or demean them by not getting married.


rake 1053

The Mayor's wife, Gloria, makes an interesting comment about her favorite vowel, "O."


rake 1054

After being arrested for a DUI, Scarlett calls Keegan for help.


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