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Season 3 Episode 8

"The Good Life"

Something is seriously awry in Cleaver's world. His practice is booming, Barney is thriving and he is falling in love with Felicity. But does fate have some nasty surprises in store?

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On any single day, Cleaver Greene is described as many things. Whilst his ex-wife may call him 'unreliable', his son will call him 'a mate'. To his learned friends at the bar table he is 'a real wag', to his jurors he is 'hilarious', and to most judges he is 'an outrage'. To the Tax Office he is 'a defendant', to a certain brothel owner 'a legend', and to his former cocaine dealer 'a tragic loss'...

Brilliant, iconoclastic and innately self-destructive, Cleaver Greene is one of life's great addicts. Whether it's women, gambling or drugs, Cleaver can resist everything except temptation. His other addiction is the law - defending those who seem to be beyond redemption - society's hopeless: our sex offenders, our murderers, our cannibals. If only Cleaver would realise the stark reality that he, himself, is perhaps the most hopeless case of all. If only he'd occasionally defend and protect himself - but he doesn't. He has a mind-numbing lack of discretion and a total inability to pause before speaking his mind.

So, like the original butterfly on the pond, he has a knack for creating chaos - be it in court before a judge or holding court in a restaurant, be it in a brothel or a casino, be it with his ex-wife, his son or his best friend.

As charming and as irresistible as Cleaver Greene is, when you let him into your world, be warned, trouble is his plus one.



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