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Queensland grazier launches farm-based television series aimed at preschool-aged children

Grazier Cilla Slack is making a children's TV show on her farm at Gayndah in Queensland's North Burnett district.(Submitted: Blue Gum Farm TV)

The first season of a children's television programme produced in country Queensland has been released online.

Cilla Slack's Blue Gum Farm TV features 10 episodes filmed on her family farm at Gayndah, west of Bundaberg.

Since its launch last year online and on DVD, Ms Slack also has developed a stage show that has been performed around the state.

"It's a TV show about a farm for preschool-aged children," Ms Slack said.

"The journey of where our food is produced — fresh vegetables, produce, crops — and then the journey of how they all get from the paddock in rural Queensland to our shops and to our tables.

"(It's) a fun, entertaining resource that happens to contain real life farm things."

The fourth generation grazier from Queensland's North Burnett region works on her family's property — called Blue Gum Gully — and describes herself "as a proud bush kid".

Ms Slack is not new to performing. She left the family farm at 19 to pursue a performing career in theatre and television, but was drawn back to the rural life she loved.

Music the key to enthralling young audiences

Blue Gum TV has enabled Ms Slack to combine her two passions of performing and life on the land.

Each episode runs for about five minutes, and includes lots of music.

"As we know, children of [preschool] age are really tuned into music," Ms Slack said.

"The music is really an incredibly important part of it.

"I have got lots of beautiful little songs about working in the garden or driving the tractor and that sort of thing."

Ms Slack said each episode was based around an industry or an animal on the farm.

"So we have got visiting a commercial dairy to see how milk is produced," she said.

"My mum and myself have a really big vegetable garden that we use and tend all of the time, so there is an episode about gardening and how it works and how to tend the plants.

"With the animals there is [an episode] about to farm chickens, how they produce the eggs and how they look after their chicks."

Interest has been growing since the series was launched late last year.

The independently-produced series is available online and on DVD, and at Brisbane libraries.

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