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Prison Break: Did Prison Turn Michael to the Dark Side?

The formula for the Prison Break reboot seems pretty simple: Michael (Wentworth Miller) is in a prison, and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and pals have to spring him. Simple, right? Nope! In true Prison Break-style, things are going to get a lot more complicated, starting with Tuesday's episode.

As you'll recall, at the end of the premiere, Lincoln finally came face to face with his very-not-dead brother Michael, who ruined the long overdue reunion by casually saying, "My name isn't Michael and I don't know who you are. Sorry."

In Tuesday's episode, our confusion about this "new" Michael only increases when we see him team up with someone -- a really, really evil someone -- who makes us question his true motives.

Did Michael turn to the dark side after he faked his death? This surprising partnership makes us think that anything is possible.

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